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The seven most worthy scenic spots in Lijiang

The seven most worthy scenic spots in Lijiang

Lijiang is one of the famous tourist attractions in China. There are endless beautiful sceneries all the year round. There are many beautiful cultural and natural sceneries in Lijiang. Many people don't want to leave when they arrive in Lijiang. But for the first time to Lijiang friends, do not know those scenery must see, the following small make up to recommend to you seven must see attractions.

Tianyuliufang cultural ancient city

Lijiang ancient city is located at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain. It has a history of one thousand years. On December 4, 1997, it was listed on the world cultural heritage list and became a world cultural city. Lijiang ancient city is also a bright pearl inlaid in the southeast edge of the world natural heritage three parallel rivers. It is a collection and research center of the World Memory Heritage Dongba ancient books of Naxi. It is a world cultural heritage of the type of 'architectural complex' with the theme of common people's simple and elegant houses. The theme part is the ancient city of Dayan, which forms the overall pattern of Lijiang with the trinity of Baisha, Shuhe and Dayan. Lijiang ancient city has a long history, simple and natural. It has the features of both water town and mountain city. Its profound cultural connotation is the accumulation of thousands of years.

The blood river of the ancient city

The water of the ancient city is divided into three parts at the water truck facing the wall, forming the middle river, the West River and the East River, and then it is divided into numerous tributaries, passing through the streets and around the lanes to change the whole city. Zhonghe river is the oldest natural water system, with flowing water and fragrant flowers. Jade water and ancient houses are closely related to each other, which has the aesthetic connotation of plateau water town. The Xihe River was excavated in the Yuan Dynasty, bringing together the beautiful sceneries of the ancient city, such as the flowing water of every family, the willow of every family, the small bridge, the flowing water of every family, the Oriental Venice and the flowing water passing through the wall and the courtyard. Donghe river was a man-made river built in the Qing Dynasty. It passed through the wall and the courtyard, turning seven or eight corners. It is known as "the lane near the canal".

The ancient city is endowed with spirit by water, and the ancient city also has unlimited vitality by rivers. Li Yushan, the writer, said: 'follow the water of the ancient city, and you will hold the hand of the ancient city of Lijiang' & hellip; & hellip;

Snow covered Yulong Snow Mountain

As a sacred mountain worshipped by Naxi people, the protection god of Naxi people, Sanduo, is the embodiment of Yulong Snow Mountain. On the eighth day of February in the lunar calendar, Naxi people hold a grand event to celebrate the Sanduo festival to express their respect for Yulong Snow Mountain and three big gods. The main peak of Yulong Snow Mountain, 5596 meters above sea level, is still a mountain that has not been conquered by human beings, and many mysterious legends are fascinating.

From the snow covered 'Glacier Park' to the alpine meadow 'yak flat'; from the Naxi martyrdom Paradise 'yunshanping' to the vast and ethereal 'Ganhaizi'; from the beautiful 'Blue Moon Valley' to the mysterious' Blackwater River 'and' Baishui River ', there are four seasons in a day, and the content of a mountain is heaven and earth. Sunshine, glaciers, snow, wildflowers, meadows, lakes, rivers, forests, canyons, pastures, and blue sky combine into an unparalleled beauty, bringing you a colorful eco natural journey.

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is a virgin lake far away from the bustling city and not polluted by modern civilization. The Mosuo people living by the lake still keep the traditional matrilineal social form. They live in a matrilineal family centered on women and lead a primitive marriage life of a Xia who does not marry a man or a woman. The parents of every family here are women, and the family members are all of matrilineal blood. The grandparents are only grandmothers and their brothers and sisters, and the mothers are only mothers, uncles and aunts. Whether it's the rite of initiation of Mosuo people, the ASHA marriage, or different customs and melodious songs and moving legends, everything seems mysterious and simple in the eyes of outsiders, with a strong poetic flavor, but also It's full of magic.

Lugu Lake is 290 kilometers away from Lijiang City and 72 kilometers away from Ninglang county. It is named for its width from the north to the South and narrow from the east to the west, and its shape is like a curved gourd. With an altitude of 2680 meters, an area of 51.8 square kilometers, an average depth of 45 meters, a maximum depth of 93 meters, a maximum visibility of 12 meters, the lake water is clear and blue. Villages are scattered along the lake, surrounded by green mountains.

The roaring Tiger Leaping Gorge

The Tiger Leaping Gorge in the north of Lijiang City is located between Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba snow mountain. It is famous for the legend that there were tigers crossing through many huge reefs in the middle of the river. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into three sections: the upper, the middle and the lower. There are 18 dangerous shoals in total, with an altitude of 1800 meters. It is one of the most famous hiking and exploration canyons in the world.

Among the three sections of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the upper part is the narrowest section of the gorge. A huge stone, like a mainstay, lies in the middle of the river, dividing the torrent into two parts and arousing the roar at the place where the waves are flying. China tiger jump is 5 kilometers away from Shanghu jump. The river is in a great fall. The current is fast and there are many reefs. It looks like stars in the sky, forming a dangerous reef area of 'all stars'. Xiahutiao is close to the exit of Hutiao gorge. There are cliffs on both sides of the gorge, and the river is surging with thousands of waves. It is the best place to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Hutiao gorge.

The first bay of the Yangtze River

The first bay of the Yangtze River is located in shigu Town, Yulong County, Lijiang City. Jinsha River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, takes a spectacular turn here because it is called the first bay of the Yangtze River. Shigu town on the first bay of the Yangtze River is the earliest origin of Lijiang place names.

The first bay of the Yangtze River is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with picturesque scenery. The river is open and gentle, with willow forests along the river, surrounded by mountains and mountains, and surrounded by terraces. It is connected with the fields and villages of pingchou, and enjoys the reputation of "little Jiangnan". In April 1936, under the leadership of he long, Xiao Ke, Ren Bishi and other comrades, the Chinese Red Army of workers and peasants (the second and sixth Corps) crossed the north of Jinsha River to resist Japan through Lijiang and crossed the river section about 100 li from shigu to Judian, leaving a good story of 'he long beating the stone drum and dancing the red flag in the river'.

Migratory bird paradise Lashihai

As an ecologically sound plateau wetland, Lashihai has tens of thousands of migratory birds every winter, such as Chinese autumn duck, black necked Crane, black crane, spotted geese, etc., which come from thousands of mountains and rivers. Under the cold sky, small wetland dams and lakes are divided into large and small bays. From time to time, you can see large groups of overwintering waterfowls perching in Lashihai flapping their wings or playing around the water Food, or flying between the sky and the lake, constitutes the unique flavor of plateau wetland. Lashihai has become a great bird watching resort.

Lashihai is surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters, with beautiful scenery. In addition to wetlands and a wide range of migratory birds, the spring water flowing out of the craggy rocks where Beidou mountain and Wohu mountain meet is clear and sweet, forming a deep sister pool of green. The pool water is clear and bottomless. The surrounding forest is dense and the flowers are blooming early, which is a good place for vacation and leisure around Lijiang.