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There are also tips for parking

There are also tips for parking

Sihai network: there are more and more people with cars. With the increase of car ownership, not only the congestion of urban roads, but also the tension of parking spaces has become a frequent topic of concern for the car owners. Especially in the first tier cities, there are fewer and fewer parking spaces, so it is a headache for people to find parking spaces. In addition, some saboteurs will park in disorder. There are a lot of things to pay attention to when parking. You can't park anywhere. So, what are the parking skills? What taboos should drivers pay attention to?

1. The fire passage cannot be stopped

Fire lane is a road used to eliminate vehicle traffic in case of fire, so that fire trucks can arrive at the scene of fire in the first time. However, many people are lucky to think that there is not always a fire anyway, and it will not be a problem to stop temporarily. But when the fire really happens, it will seriously affect the rescue time. Therefore, even if the fire lane is not caught, but from the perspective of social morality, please keep the fire lane smooth.

2. Do not stop on the ramp

The biggest problem of parking on the slope is easy to slide. If there is a slide, it will be unimaginable. A few days ago, there was a news that a truck driver stopped on the ramp and forgot to pull the handbrake and got off the car to check. As a result, the car slide killed the truck driver. Maybe you will say that I remember to pull the handbrake, but I'm not afraid, but for the sake of safety, we should try not to park on the ramp when we go out.

3. Do not park at the corner of the street

This usually happens in a community. Especially in the old community, there is no parking lot, and all the cars are parked on the side of the road. At this time, if the vehicle is parked at the intersection or T-junction, it is likely to cause scratches due to the lack of turning space of other vehicles. Moreover, if the vehicle is parked at the corner position, it is likely to block the sight of the vehicle on the road and cause serious accidents.

4. Do not stop at or near the railway crossing

Railway crossing refers to the crossing where both trains pass and cars pass, although at present many such crossings have no trains. But if there are still trains passing, try not to park in the section within 50 meters near the railway crossing. When passing a railway crossing, the speed shall be controlled within 30 kilometers per hour. Try not to turn around or reverse in the railway crossing, so as to affect other people's traffic, lead to traffic chaos and traffic accidents.

6. Do not park in remote places

Parking fees are generally charged in busy and bustling places, so some people think that I can park in remote areas with few people, but it should be noted that the more remote areas are, the more criminals like to frequent places. The past general events tell us that parking should be far away from the quiet places. Parking is also an exception. Parking in a secluded place not only increases the risk of car theft, but also threatens your own safety.

7. Do not stop on irregular road

When parking spaces are hard to find, some car owners just want to park. It doesn't matter if they park on the stairs. So we can often see a car across the sidewalk and non motor vehicle lane in the urban area, and park obliquely on the side of the road. In this way, it seems to be 'stable', but it also hurts the car. When the vehicle is parked on some uneven ground for a long time, the four-wheel drop will be too large, the frame will be distorted over time, and even affect the normal opening and closing of the door. Compared with most injuries, the deformation of the body frame is the most irreparable symptom of 'aging'.

Safe parking tips

1. Stop in the sight of the security guard

Parking in the community, especially in a strange community, try to park in the sight of the security guard to reduce the risk of being maliciously scratched, especially in the community where property management is not very strict.

2. Outdoor parking away from balcony

Some residents will throw objects at high altitude, such as spitting and cigarette butts, which are not only unhygienic, but also hard objects will make pits on the roof. Moreover, in rainy days, the old building's wall, the iron railings on the balcony, hanging objects, flowerpots, etc. are all likely to fall down, so it's better to park far away from the balcony.

3. Parking does not occupy others' parking space

Parking occupies other people's parking space or blocks other people's passage, which not only brings inconvenience to others, but also may cause anger of the other party and maliciously destroy your vehicle. Similarly, do not park the vehicle at will on the roadside. You may be given a ticket. If you are towed, it will cause damage to the vehicle.

4. The left door is close to the column

Underground parking spaces generally have several parking positions in the middle of two columns. In the case of choice, the worst position is the middle, so there are cars on the left and right, and the probability of others opening the door carelessly and damaging the door is the largest; while the parking space on the left is the best, because there is no car on the left; the car parked on the right side of the space is facing the left passenger door, and the driver usually opens the door relatively Be careful, but this kind of consciousness of passengers is relatively lacking.

5. Horizontal interval less than 60cm

It's best to park two cars side by side. Generally, if the distance between two cars is more than one meter and two meters, even if the door is opened to the maximum, it can't be contacted. If there is no way to stay away, then simply keep within 60 cm.

6. No parking under the tree

It's unwise to park under a tree. Because some trees will drop mucus, and under the trees it is easy to leave bird droppings. These things are corrosive. If they are not handled in time, a dark mark will be left on the car paint. In addition, try not to stop under the water outlet of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, because the air conditioner water gets on the car paint, leaving a mark that will be difficult to wash, maybe it needs polishing or sanding.