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2018 Qingming Festival where to play less people 2018 Qingming Festival tourist attractions Recommen Qingming Festival is coming. Many friends have plans to travel. However, in recent years, the tourism industry has developed. Every holiday, scenic spots everywhere are full. What they see is not the scenery but the sea of people. Where are there few people to play in Qingming Festival? Now I recommend some tourist attractions with few people to you. Let's have a look.

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is located 21 nautical miles to the south of Beihai City, Guangxi. It is the largest island in Guangxi and the youngest volcanic island in China. In 2005, "China National Geographic" magazine "beauty pageant China" activity, Weizhou Island was rated as "China's ten most beautiful islands", ranked second.

Address: Weizhou Town, Beihai, Guangxi

Where to play in Qingming Festival -- xinghuagou

Xinghuagou is located in tuergen Township, Xinyuan County, Yili, Xinjiang, and at the south foot of Awulale mountain in Yili River Valley. Influenced by the overall climate and environment of Yili basin, the climate is humid with abundant water vapor. In addition, the open horseshoe shaped Valley in the south not only shields the mountain wind in the northwest direction, but also embraces the abundant sunshine from the southeast direction, forming a semi closed small environment, so more than 30000 mu of original wild apricot forest can reproduce to this day. At the end of April every year, when the apricot flowers are in full bloom, the apricot flowers are blooming all over the mountains. Along the hillside, the beautiful radians and layers are unfolded, and the color is also suitable for the shade. Wind blowing, apricot flowers flying, as if in whispering conversation, happily swaying. At this time, no poem or painting can describe the apricot blossom reflected in your eyes

Address: turgen Township, Xinyuan County, Ili, Xinjiang

Where to play in Qingming Festival -- Jiapeng Village

There are many cultural relics in the territory, including Xu's ancestral hall and Tingquan building, which are key cultural protection units in the province. Cantou ancient village is a key historical and cultural protection area in the province. There are many buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, with arch and cornice, and exquisite carving techniques. There are also many scenic spots, such as memorial tablet garden for martyrs Xu Jiapeng, Meigan terrace, shanyunling scenic spot, etc.

Address: Northeast of Jixi County, Anhui Province

Where to play in Qingming Festival -- Yaowang Valley

Yaowanggu, with the help of a special gas field composed of hundreds of years old natural traditional Chinese medicine virgin forest in the resort, has meticulously created the only resort product for sub-health people to carry out national medical examination and health conditioning. Here, you can feel the long-standing culture of national medicine, enjoy personalized, one-to-one physical examination of traditional Chinese medicine, body conditioning program, achieve the goal of "viewing the wonders of the divine tree, Qinxian medicine gas field, realizing the wisdom of life, and nourishing the tired body", so that tourists can stay away from the noise of the city and enjoy the fun of physical and mental rehabilitation.

Address: Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Mianyang, Sichuan

Where to play in Qingming Festival -- Xiapu

Xiapu is located in the west of Taiwan Strait and the northeast of Fujian Province. In this 1489 square kilometer, ancient and beautiful land, the blue sea overflows with color, the beach is paved with gold, the mountains are stacked with green, and the green field flows with red, just like a bright pearl inlaid on the shore of the East China Sea. Xiapu is warm in winter and cool in summer, with four seasons of tides, sky light and cloud shadow, mysterious sea pole shadow, dreamlike sea home, golden beach and brown reef swarmed by gulls, sunset & hellip & hellip; in the far air of the sea, this is the dreamlike Xiapu of Fujian.

Address: Ningde City, northeast Fujian Province