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What clothes should Qingming wear to Dali? What are the precautions for Qingming to Dali

What do Qingming wear to Dali the 2018 Qingming small long holiday is coming. Many little friends have made their travel plans early, and take advantage of the holiday to give themselves a go on trip. Many domestic tourists regard Dali as their first choice scenic spot, so what are the precautions for going to Dali on Qingming Festival? What do you wear to Dali on Qingming Festival? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Dali has very beautiful mountains and charming ethnic customs. There are many ethnic minorities living here. The beautiful natural scenery gives people a feeling of romantic, so it is also a very romantic city. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery, but also the beautiful snow mountain scenery. Every year, there are a large number of tourists in Dali's original ecological beauty What are the guidelines for dressing in the Qingming Festival to Dali tourism? The climate of Dali in Qingming Festival is comfortable, neither cold nor hot. At this time, you can play well in spring clothes.

What do you wear to Dali on Qingming Festival

In this season, you can go out in light clothes. You can choose some color matching colors. At this time, the color is very rich and active. You can choose a casual small suit with a beautiful T-shirt. You can wear a short skirt, a pair of casual jeans, or a flowing long skirt. It should be a little thicker All the orders are OK.

The weather temperature of Dali during the Qingming Festival the average temperature of Dali during the Qingming Festival is about 13-23 degrees. The climate is very comfortable and pleasant, which is a good season for traveling. At this time, there are many festivals of Bai nationality held in this period. You can go to have a look, really experience their customs, which is also a very good experience. Go to Dali Li travel, the consumption level here is not very high, so you can go without too much cash, and it is very convenient to withdraw money locally, so it will be more safe.