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How to hide iPhone X's bangs what is the name of iPhone X's bangs app

How iPhone x hides bangs after the iPhone X came out, the biggest complaint was the big "Qi Liu Hai" in front of the screen, which almost killed the rhythm of obsessive-compulsive disorder in minutes. However, there is a way to hide the iPhone x Qi Liu Hai on the Internet. There is a program that can help your iPhone x to remove the Liu Hai. Let's see what kind of software it is.

How to get rid of the bangs on iPhone x

The software to remove Qi Liuhai is called notch remover, and users can download it in the app store.

usage method

Open the application to directly access the wallpaper setting panel. The application brings 10 wallpapers for selection, and supports user-defined wallpaper import. However, it should be noted that after importing the customized pictures, the application will automatically generate a folder for classified storage, and users can switch in the album option bar at the bottom of the home page.

No matter the wallpaper or customized image is provided by the system, after confirming the selection, users can select three display effects: stretch, fill and center adaptive through adjust. It is recommended to select the middle "fill" method for the non-18:9 scale pictures taken by the user through the camera.

After selecting the picture, you can click preview to view the wallpaper effect of the current setting. At the same time of preview, you will see the official watermark of notcho. If you need to eliminate it, you need to spend 12 yuan to buy "waterless printing plate"; if you think the watermark is not inconvenient, you can click Done to return to the main page.

So far, you have successfully generated a wallpaper that can make up for the "bangs" gap through notcho. All you have left is to save and share.

After you click save, you can find the wallpaper generated by notcho in the album of IOS system and set it to use; at the same time, you can also click share to share the current wallpaper to your friends and social platforms. The whole process of wallpaper generation is very convenient, and most users can operate through icon prompt.

However, after all, notcho is just a lightweight wallpaper generation software, not a system level application that can make iPhone x achieve "no bangs". Therefore, we can only enjoy the beauty of "no bangs" on the lock screen and desktop interface. When loading into other pages, the iconic "bangs" of iPhone x will still appear.