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How to deal with the lack of icloud space

How to clean up icloud many apple mobile phone users also know that icloud in the iPhone has five free G's available. If icloud is full, the data on the iPhone can't be backed up. However, with the mobile app becoming larger and larger, many small partners icloud storage has been in an emergency. What if icloud is full? Let's have a look.

What if the icloud space is full?

If your mobile phone system is IOS 11, after entering the [settings] - icloud] column, you can generally change all icloud schemes using the device according to the following steps, including turning off automatic backup, managing application backup data, or deleting data in icloud.

If you need to clean up, click the app that needs to delete the data, and delete the data.

After deleting the backup, you will find that icloud has more available capacity and can continue to use icloud space normally. If you don't want some apps to be automatically backed up in icloud, you can also turn off its automatic backup function by the way.

What can't icloud backup be deleted?

The above is a normal way to clean up icloud. If the space in the icloud is automatically backed up by Apple phone by default, it doesn't actually save important files and content, so you can clean it at any time. However, many friends find that their icloud has no content to delete, but it still shows that icloud is full. How to deal with this?

In general, the user's Apple ID has logged in more than one iPhone or iPad, and these IOS devices fail in the backup, so even if the display space is 0kb, your icloud capacity will still occupy. In this case, the solution is to find the device that has failed to back up, and make a successful backup again, and then you can manage and delete it at will. If the device has been stolen, or the backup of previous IOS devices cannot be deleted due to other circumstances, the problem can only be solved by contacting Apple after-sales (Apple technical support).

If none of the above methods can be solved, then there may be system bug or apple server network problem. In this case, it's useless for you to tamper with your mobile phone. You can only contact Apple customer service to solve this problem. Before that, poppur suggested that icloud should be shut down temporarily to avoid being upset by the pop-up window