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What is the meaning of green license plate

The cars running on the street are usually blue, but now there is a green license plate. What do you mean by the green license plate? What kind of car uses the green license plate? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What is the meaning of green license plate

Special license plate for new energy vehicles

On December 1, 2016, it was piloted in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan and Shenzhen.

D stands for pure electric and f stands for oil electric mixture.

In recent years, the number of environmental protection, green and energy-saving electric vehicles has increased in our country. Of course, the license plate color is green.

What kind of car can have green license plate

First of all, we should have a new energy vehicle, including hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, solar vehicles), fuel cell electric vehicles, other new energy vehicles, etc. Moreover, to register in one of the five pilot cities mentioned above, and meet these two conditions, the owner can choose whether to change the green license plate voluntarily.

I've put on the license plate of new energy. I don't know if you like the license plate of this color. I feel very good. It's a small and fresh style.

At the same time, the new energy vehicle license plate adopts the pollution-free hot stamping production method, and the production process is green and environmental friendly. At the same time, anti-counterfeiting technology such as two-dimensional barcode, anti-counterfeiting shading, laser pattern and so on is used to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance.

Can the green license plate go out of the city

No, the green license plate is a city car.

Vehicles with new energy license plates will enjoy various privileges, such as being able to walk the bus lane, not subject to the current tail number restriction policy, free two hours for the four unified parking lots in urban areas, etc. In addition, as long as the delivery logistics vehicles are green, they will not be affected by the time limit and other provisions.

For new energy vehicles that have previously registered to use ordinary license plates, the vehicle management department will adopt the principle of voluntary renewal, and the owner will decide whether to change the license plate at his own discretion.

What are the advantages of green license plate

The first is to reduce emissions

When the new energy vehicle drives in pure electric mode, it can almost achieve zero emissions. But for individual consumers, the use of emission reduction electric new energy vehicles can bring some immediate returns on taxes and fees, and in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, there are great preferential conditions for new energy vehicles to limit traffic and license plate issuance.

The second advantage of new energy is energy conservation.

One of the main reasons for energy saving of new energy vehicles is that the motor is far more efficient than the internal combustion engine.

The electric energy is far lower than the cost of gasoline, and the direct result of low energy consumption is the direct reduction of the usual vehicle cost. Combined with the non renewable nature of petroleum fuel, the use of new energy vehicles is more significant.

Third, the main advantage of new energy vehicles lies in the power they have come to.

It doesn't take time to start. You can walk by turning the key. Under the condition of acceleration within 100 kilometers, the driving mileage is more than that of ordinary fuel vehicles. You can turn on the air conditioner when you get on the car. There is no gearbox. The driving process is absolutely smooth.