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Can a few months old baby eat watermelon? What are the precautions for eating watermelon

In hot summer, it's a great pleasure to eat a mouthful of frozen watermelon. Watermelon has the magical effect of relieving summer heat and cooling. Although watermelon is delicious, don't be greedy. What are the precautions for eating watermelon in summer? For children who are several months old, can they eat watermelon?

How old can a baby eat watermelon

Generally, it is recommended to add complementary food after 6 months for exclusively breastfed babies. If it is mixed feeding or artificial feeding for 4 months, it can be added. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, it is recommended that you do not feed him watermelon for the time being. Early addition of complementary food is not particularly good for your baby's digestive tract. If your baby is mixed feeding or artificial feeding, you can feed a little watermelon juice: put the watermelon pulp into a bowl, mash it with a spoon, filter it with gauze, and give the baby juice. It is more suitable for babies to drink in summer. However, watermelon is sweet and cold after all. It's not very hot now. It's better not to give more to your baby. In addition, watermelon is relatively sweet, eating too early and too much is not conducive to the cultivation of the baby's eating habits of light taste.

Notes on eating watermelon in summer

1. Do not eat more

Watermelon is a raw and cold product. It is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach if you eat it too much. Therefore, it is better to eat less if you have deficiency of the spleen and stomach, dyspepsia, and diarrhea. If you eat too much, you will suffer from abdominal distention, diarrhea, decreased appetite, cold and dampness accumulation, resulting in diseases. If you eat too much watermelon at a time, a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, resulting in indigestion and gastrointestinal resistance. Related links:

2. Try not to eat watermelon at night

Watermelon is rich in sugar. If you eat too much before going to bed at night, it will increase insulin and promote fat synthesis. Most of the newly synthesized fat is stored in the abdomen. In addition, the amount of exercise at night is reduced. The fat is only stored without consumption. As time goes on, the small belly will grow up.

3. Watermelon can't be dinner

More than 94% of watermelon is water, but its sugar content is also very high. Normal sweetness watermelon contains 5% sugar, so the heat of watermelon is very high. The calorie of watermelon is 250 kcal / kg. That is to say, if you eat a large watermelon every day, about 8 to 10 jin, that is to say, you take in 1000 to 1250 kcal of calories, while the average small bowl of rice at home has about 200 kcal of calories. That is to say, eating a watermelon is equivalent to eating five or six bowls of rice.

4. Don't eat watermelon when you have a cold

Don't eat watermelon at the beginning of a cold, otherwise it will aggravate the cold or prolong the cure time. Whether it is a cold or a cold with wind and heat, it belongs to superficial disease at the initial stage, and should be treated by dispersing the pathogenic factors from the surface. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if the exterior is not solved, it cannot attack the interior. Otherwise, it will cause exterior evil to enter the interior and aggravate the disease. At the beginning of the cold, when the pathogenic factors are on the surface, eating watermelon is equivalent to taking the medicine of qinglire, which will lead the pathogenic factors into the cold, aggravate the cold or prolong the cure time. However, when the cold aggravates the fever, such as high fever, thirst, sore throat, yellow and red urine, you can eat some watermelon while taking normal medicine, which is helpful for the recovery of the cold. Related links:

5. Eat less ice watermelon

Although the effect of eating ice watermelon in hot days is very good, it can stimulate the stomach and easily cause spleen and stomach injury, so we should pay attention to the delicious temperature and quantity. It's best to put watermelon on the bottom of the refrigerator. The temperature here is about 8-10 ℃, which is also the best temperature and taste. The amount of watermelon should not exceed 500g each time, and it should be eaten slowly. For those with caries (cavities) and those who will feel pain after cold, and those with poor gastrointestinal function, they should not eat ice watermelon.