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What's the relationship between Zhashui and zhangjiahui

I'm afraid that only those who play the game know about slag glow. So what does slag glow mean? What stem is slag glow? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

In fact, the "dregs and dregs" of this stem is from a legendary page tour advertising. In the opening speech of the advertisement, because zhangjiahui speaks a non-standard Hong Kong version of Putonghua, you can hear such a funny advertisement: "tie up well, I'm Zhashui, explore the lazy moon, introduce the new version of the ship that has not been pulled in four Li, experience three times as much as you need, make in Li will do the same with me, love like the festival game. '

Because in his self introduction, 'zhangjiahui' sounds like a homophonic 'Zhashui', so the word became popular on the Internet and was ridiculed by the whole network. Good netizens even made him into an emoticon bag, and I will definitely fall in love with the 'solution' game.

Recently, when zhangjiahui appeared in an activity, he was asked by the reporter about his opinion on the network stem of "dregs and dregs". To this end, zhangjiahui said mischievously: 'I've said a few words, but I just don't say it, first level & hellip; & hellip; I'm pouting, surprise attack should round me, because we've already said it very rudely. 'hearing such a thick gangpu, Liu Qingyun on the side of it has been laughing to his heart's content.

After the news was exposed, netizens commented one after another. Some netizens think that stars should be like zhangjiahui and can play jokes. In fact, we are just joking, there is no mean of slander.