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Oppo R15 value is not worth buying? Oppo R15 real machine evaluation (picture and text)

I'm afraid the most popular one is oppo R15. There are nine spokesmen, all of them are big brands. So what about the mobile phone itself? It's impossible to say that it has attracted so many people's attention without any real learning. Is oppo R15 worth buying? Take a look at the real machine evaluation!

On March 19, oppo held a media communication meeting in Beijing and officially released the new oppo R15 series mobile phones. Compared with the previous oppo r11s, the oppo R15 series has many changes in the design, photographing and hardware configuration of mobile phones, and therefore attracts the attention of many users.

Next, let's talk about whether the oppo R15 series is worth buying before this product goes on the market!

Tired of metal? Glass / ceramic body!

If you look back at the body material of the mobile phone, oppo R15 has the flavor of returning to its original source: oppo R series is a pioneering work, and oppo R1 used the design of double-sided glass. However, with the rise of metal design, the subsequent oppo R3 and the oppo r11s released last year all adopted metal fuselage.

This time, the most eye-catching change of oppo R15 may be the change of fuselage design -- the transition from metal fuselage to glass fuselage again, which is quite in line with this year's popular trend.

According to the official introduction of oppo, the oppo R15 series is jointly designed by oppo and Karim Rashid, a superstar and master of color in today's American industrial design industry. Oppo R15 provides color matching of snow white, hot red and gradual star purple, which is very eye-catching.

The 3D fuselage behind oppo R15 dreammirror and the ceramic fuselage of ceramic plate are better in grip and texture.

In addition to the material of the fuselage, oppo R15 also brings the concept of "full screen" to the extreme, using a 6.28 inch super-v display full screen.

Oppo R15 further improves the screen proportion of the whole machine through the design of 19:9 special-shaped screen. Under the support of 1.78mm ultra narrow frame, the screen proportion of the whole machine is as high as 90%.

This makes oppo R15 bring a fresh feeling to people, whether it is a front design or a back design. If you're tired of the same design, oppo R15 will be a good choice.

Sony imx519, give the camera a reason to change

Photo taking has always been one of the main functions of oppo mobile phones, and the same is true for oppo R15, which brings you new surprises again.

This oppo R15 still adopts the dual camera scheme, but the difference is that its main camera is replaced by a Sony's new image sensor IMX 519, which has greatly improved the photography speed and the light input.

The Sony imx519 is still a 16 megapixel CMOS, but compared with the imx398 used in the previous oppo r11s, its unit pixel area has been upgraded from 1.12 & mu; m to 1.22 & mu; m, and the sensor size has been upgraded from 1 / 2.8 to 1 / 2.6.

This brings oppo R15 more excellent photosensitivity, which enables it to take better pictures in dark light. In addition, the sampling frame rate of imx519 has also doubled, from the previous 30fps to 60fps, and the photographing speed has been further improved, which is more suitable for capturing.

In front of the camera, oppo R15 uses a 20 megapixel camera. The 3-hdr real-time hierarchical exposure technology supported by oppo R15 can realize independent exposure of each pixel, so that self shooting can avoid partial over exposure / over dark. Moreover, the picture picture is the same as the picture on the mobile screen, and what you see is what you get.

For the photo party, the improvement on the oppo R15 camera is obvious enough to be the reason for the user to change the machine.

It's 2018. It's a little hard to say without AI!

From the development trend of mobile phones this year, there is no doubt that AI technology will become a new explosion point. As the first flagship product to appear this year, oppo R15 series also integrates a large number of new AI features.

At the system level, the new coloros 5.0 brings AI intelligent assistant, intelligent screen recognition and intelligent translation functions.

Among them, the AI intelligent assistant on the rightmost screen can provide users with real-time display of shortcut functions, weather, steps, express delivery information, etc.; the intelligent screen can quickly call out relevant applications or select and copy words through long press in wechat, suanxin and other interfaces. The intelligent translation function provides three translation methods: photographing, scanning words and voice.

In addition, oppo R15 also integrates a large number of AI technologies in the photographing scene. The camera of oppo R15 can carry out intelligent scene recognition according to the photographing situation to match the most appropriate optimization scheme.

In portrait shooting, oppo R15 began to support AI portrait mode, which can realize a new 3D portrait lighting function, and quickly take portrait photos of different styles.

6GB + 128GB, this is standard!

Finally, the hardware configuration. This time, oppo R15 launched the Helio P60 processor of MediaTek in China. The R15 dreammirror version still uses Qualcomm snapdragon 660 mobile platform, and the overall performance of the two processors is similar. Therefore, only considering the performance, there is not much gap with the previous generation of oppo r11s.

However, it is worth noting that oppo R15 series is equipped with 6GB of large memory and 128GB of large capacity storage as standard, which can use multiple apps more smoothly and store more data, files and photos, etc., which also has great attraction for heavy mobile users.


In general, oppo R15 has brought great improvement in the design, photographing, system and hardware configuration of mobile phones.

For users who want to buy this product, you can compare the above four highlights with their own needs. If these are enough to meet your expectations for the new product, you can consider taking it when oppo R15 launched on April 1. I believe it will not let you down!