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Symptoms of female kidney deficiency

Symptoms of female kidney deficiency when it comes to tonifying the kidney, many people think that men need tonifying the kidney. Tonifying the kidney has nothing to do with women. In fact, tonifying the kidney is not only needed by men, but also by women. Because of the congenital physiological conditions, women have to go through the period of vacation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and so on. These physiological experiences consume a lot of kidney essence and Yin blood. Secondly, modern women's life pressure is too large, life time is irregular, and it is easy to cause kidney deficiency. At last, the environment is seriously polluted. We may have a lot of toxins left in our food and clothes. These toxins do great harm to the kidney. Therefore, women should also invigorate the kidney, which can not be ignored.

Symptoms of female kidney deficiency

1. Grumpy and irregular menstruation

In a day inexplicably grumpy easy to get angry, the waist and knees are sore, all day long feel very tired. After the menstrual period is postponed, the menstrual volume is small and thin, the menstrual color is black or dim, and the whole body is weak. At the same time, the symptoms of waist ache, night urine, leucorrhea, light color and thin moss lead to the acceleration of aging, and the deficiency of kidney qi is an important reason for women's aging.

2. Pouch weight

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, black represents the kidney, and the black eye circle represents kidney deficiency. No matter how much sleep is filled, the pouch cannot be filled back. Eye edema means that your kidney can't excrete toxins in the body in time with the help of urine production, so it will cause edema, which is also a symptom of kidney deficiency.

3. Insomnia and dreaminess

If a woman has deficiency of kidney yin, she will suffer from insomnia, dreams and sweating. Deficiency of Yin is particularly easy to cause floating of asthenic fire, which can cause sore throat, headache and other phenomena. Therefore, when you want to answer that women also want to tonify the kidney, here is to tonify the kidney and yin deficiency.

What do women eat with kidney deficiency

1. Black sesame

Tonifying liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood, used for menstrual diseases and andrology diseases with less essence and blood deficiency.

2. Donkey hide gelatin

It is used for metrorrhagia with little blood deficiency and less channels, and for bleeding under pregnancy. It contains many kinds of amino acids. It is better than iron in the treatment of anemia. It can improve the calcium balance in the body. It can be used in uremic renal anemia.

3. Animal liver

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that "nourish the internal organs with the internal organs". The liver of animals is rich in protein, fat and vitamins, which has the effect of Tonifying the kidney and benefiting the essence.

4. Black beans

When female friends have kidney deficiency, and lead to a very small amount of menstruation or even suffer from some chronic kidney disease, and accompanied by proteinuria symptoms, you can appropriately eat more.

5. Chinese wolfberry;

Chinese wolfberry has the functions of Tonifying the kidney, nourishing the liver, benefiting the essence and eyesight, strengthening the muscles and bones, eliminating back pain, long-term service and prolonging life. For people with kidney deficiency, eating wolfberry has a good effect. Wolfberry has the effect of Tonifying the kidney and nourishing the liver. Eating more wolfberry can prolong life and relieve long-term back pain. Especially for middle-aged women with kidney deficiency, it's the best way to eat.