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The harm of talking while eating shrimp inhales lung while eating

The harm of talking while eating shrimp inhales lung while eating Recently, a woman in Zhenjiang, who is nearly 60 years old, was talking to others while eating. As a result, she took shrimp shells into her lungs without any hesitation, causing breathing difficulties. At first she thought it was the esophagus that got stuck, but then the symptoms got worse. According to the doctor's diagnosis, the right bronchus of the lung was completely blocked by a shrimp 2-3cm long. Doctors immediately performed endoscopic surgery, and successfully took out the foreign body half an hour later, so that the elderly can breathe smoothly again. There are many people in life, like aunts, who chat with people around them while eating. In fact, this kind of eating habit will bring great influence to our body for a long time.

I. tasteless diet

While eating and chatting, their attention is not on the food but on the topic. It is often seen that some people don't know what they are eating after eating, let alone the taste of the meal. In the long run, it will cause anorexia.

2. Taking stomach to fight for blood

When eating, the body mobilizes all relevant digestive organs to participate in the chewing, receiving and digestion of food, especially the stomach. At this time, it is in a state of high tension. Most of the blood is flowing to the stomach, so as to provide energy and nutrition for it at any time. However, if we talk and laugh, the brain will be excited, and a considerable part of the blood will be attracted to the brain, forming a situation in which the brain and stomach compete for blood. As a result of this competition, the digestibility of food will be reduced and chronic diseases will be induced.

III. risk prone

When you eat, you only talk. You may inadvertently put something you shouldn't eat into your mouth, which may cause danger. For example, eating fishbone, bone, hot rice and scalding oral mucosa.