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What are the eight taboos of Tomb Sweeping

Tomb sweeping in the Qing Dynasty is a tradition in China. Tomb sweeping and grass clearing worship ancestors. But what taboos do you know about tomb sweeping? Let's talk about these taboos. Let's have a look.

Eight taboos of tomb sweeping in the Qing Dynasty

I. pregnant women avoid Tomb Sweeping

Pregnant women had better avoid tomb sweeping activities, which is not only the influence of Yin Qi. In other ways, Qingming is very crowded. For the sake of the safety of the fetus, pregnant women are not recommended to attend. Moreover, the weather of tomb sweeping and the surrounding environment are not conducive to the health of pregnant women. In addition, women have regular leave, and such activities should be avoided.

2. Do not take photos in the cemetery

The purpose of tomb sweeping is to sacrifice ancestors, not to play. There are gods in the first three feet. When you are sweeping tombs, you'd better pay homage and be careful. Never take photos in the cemetery or even take photos at will. Otherwise, if there is a bad atmosphere, there will be the possibility of imbalance between yin and Yang, which will damage your own fortune.

III. avoid wearing red and purple

Qingming Festival is not allowed to wear red and purple to go to the grave, I believe that we will not wear such clothes to participate in such activities. But there are always people who neglect to wear or use red on their underwear. Of course, this year is the exception, underwear can wear red.

IV. outsiders should not participate in other people's Tomb Sweeping

It is taboo to participate in Tomb Sweeping as an outsider during the Qingming Dynasty, which is easy to cause unnecessary troubles. After all, it's not the same family, and the Qi luck they each hold is also different, which may cause the disorder of the gas field and lead to disharmony and bad luck.

5. Those in poor health and bad luck should avoid going to the grave

A person whose body is in a state of illness, weakness, or bad luck recently, and everything goes wrong is better not to go to the tomb sweeping activities, because such a person is in a state of low overall fortune, which is easy to cause bad luck. The ugly point is the evil spirit, because the person who is the most happy with the bad luck is the one who is lack of popularity and easy to violate.

Vi. the grass on the grave head must be trimmed

Those who grow plants on tombs must be removed, and they must never grow out of the climate. This is the most important thing, but you should know that the so-called tomb sweeping is to let you clean things that are not conducive to the cemetery. The grass and trees on the grave head will cause harm to the family members, including air transport and health, which are greatly detrimental.

Seven. Don't buy shoes without covering your hair

In fact, Qingming Festival is also a ghost festival. Of course, we need to pay attention to the hair style, especially the hair can't cover the forehead, which is the magic lamp of human body and can't be covered. At the same time, shoes should not be bought on the same day, because shoes are evil. Most friends with some common sense will not buy shoes on the same day, so as not to be unlucky.

8. Avoid playing and scolding, and criticize the ancestors

After the tomb sweeping, some people take their children to the tomb. They may be solemn at the beginning, but they start to fight and make noise at the end. It's hilarious. This is to be noted that the graveyard is after all a place where the spirits are sleeping. Laughing and swearing will disturb the spirits and cause great disrespect, which may lead to retaliation. It's even worse to criticize the ancestors. If you pass other people's graveyards, it's a blasphemy to comment on the dead. At that time, it's no wonder that numbness is on top of you.