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How to treat constipation in dry weather

How to treat constipation in dry weather our gastrointestinal tract always has some small problems in our life. Constipation is probably the most common one. However, we may not be unfamiliar with constipation. Constipation will cause toxins in the body, cause intestinal dysfunction and dull skin. What method can spring help clear bowel, prevent constipation?

Combination of coarse and fine grains

Modern people's quality of life has been improved and their diet is relatively fine. They can eat less refined flour and fine grain food, instead of coarse grain, coarse rice, potatoes and beans. A large amount of fiber rich food will swell in the intestines, thus increasing the capacity of the stool. In particular, dried fruit and coarse grain, coarse flour food is second to none.

Don't forget to eat vegetables and fruits every day

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in paraphytochemicals, which are the magic weapon to keep the intestines healthy. The superstars that protect gut health are broccoli, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, oranges, etc., while soybeans are second to none. The content of cellulose in apple is higher than that of common fruit, and some pectin in Apple helps to soften the stool, which is very helpful for defecation.

Exercise detoxification

Sports can stimulate the body to speed up the operation of various functions, metabolism, sweating, some of the body's waste can be discharged in time. Detoxification does not have to choose a strong way of exercise, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and so on are good choices.

Massage points

There is a raised muscle at the root of thumb, which is the point of thenar. Pressing and rubbing the point often can play an excellent role in clearing the intestine and expelling toxin. In addition, Yuji point is also an important point in the lung meridian, and in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the lung and the large intestine are interlinked, so many diseases of the large intestine can be conditioned and treated through the treatment of the lung. Therefore, regular massage of Yuji acupoint is equivalent to certain stimulation of lung meridian, which can effectively play the role of clearing lung heat, moistening intestines and defecating.

Get up early and drink honey water on an empty stomach

Honey has been a good product for detoxification and beautification since ancient times. It contains many kinds of amino acids and vitamins needed by human body. Often eat honey in the discharge of toxins, on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia and other diseases also have a certain effect. Honey is rich in sugar. It can absorb water from the body and leave it in the intestine cavity, which is good for clearing the intestine and expelling toxin. Because the intestinal peristalsis is the fastest when eating on an empty stomach, we need to remind you that honey should be washed with cold warm water, because too hot or too cold will destroy its nutritional structure.

Yogurt + Red Wine

Lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt can maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora and inhibit harmful bacteria from invading the intestinal tract. It can also produce a large number of short chain fatty acids, promote intestinal peristalsis and a large number of bacteria growth, prevent constipation. Red wine can reduce the blood viscosity, inhibit platelet coagulation and vasodilation, keep the blood unblocked, the oxygen content in the blood is high, the function of various organs of the body will be enhanced, and the intestinal function is no exception. In this method, yogurt plays a major role in promoting intestinal peristalsis, red wine plays a coordinating role in assisting the absorption of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, so this method has a certain role in improving constipation.