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How much is the price of Zhou Dasheng's gold today? A list of Zhou Dasheng's gold prices today

How much does Chow Tai sang gold quote today? Many people want to know the quotation of Zhou Dasheng gold today, so let's take a look with Xiao Bian

Introduction to Zhou Dasheng

In 1966, the overseas Chinese Zhou family founded Hong Kong Dragon foreign firm in Hong Kong to operate jewelry wholesale business. In the early 1990s, Dragonair and Chow's Heda company jointly established Hong Kong Chow Tai sang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and developed into a diversified investment enterprise group. The huge market consumption potential of China's jewelry market attracts Chuangxian jewelry brands to enter. As a group enterprise integrating the production, wholesale and retail of jade jewelry, diamond and gem inlaid jewelry, Chow Tai sang jewelry also entered the domestic jewelry market.

Since its establishment, Zhou Dasheng has been unswervingly committed to the promotion and dissemination of diamond culture and spared no effort to implement the all-round promotion of brand value. During this period, China's jewelry industry has also completed the transformation from quantitative expansion and extensive operation to focusing on quality and building brands. The excellent brands represented by Chow Tai sang jewelry have comprehensively improved their own operation service management system and become the backbone of the development of the industry.

Marked by entering the domestic market, with profound brand image precipitation, mature chain profit model, perfect chain distribution operation system, comprehensive training and supervision system, complete logistics distribution management, high-quality customer service, excellent product quality, leading product design and development concept and strong resource optimization and integration ability, Zhou Dasheng jewelry has realized the leap from the first vitality of the enterprise with products as the core to the second vitality with characteristic services as the core! Adhering to the business philosophy of love, rationality and common struggle, and adhering to the flying dragon strategy of taking off with the great motherland, Zhou Dasheng people interpret the consumer oriented purpose with excellent wisdom and lofty ambition, give full play to the chain monopoly operation and win the trust of market consumers.

The company's core business has involved the processing, wholesale and chain operation of diamond jewelry and other jewelry, covering the whole industrial chain. The chain monopoly business is booming and showing a strong development trend. So far, the marketing network covers more than 300 large and medium-sized cities in 32 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. The chain stores / cabinets will stride towards 2000. It has R & D, design, production and manufacturing centers and 40 regional operation and management organizations. Its core business covers the whole process of jewelry production and sales, forming a complete industrial chain, It has been highly praised by relevant national departments and all sectors of society, enjoys high popularity and reputation, and has won many honors, such as China's well-known trademarks, the first batch of 100 famous and high-quality enterprises in China's electronic product quality supervision network, the establishment of China's jewelry brand leading enterprises, China's 500 most valuable brands in 2011, China's annual brand in 2011cctv, Ernst & Young's most potential enterprises in China, etc, It is the true witness of Zhou Dasheng's full business wisdom and hard work. Zhou Zongwen, chairman of the board of directors, was awarded the title of outstanding enterprise and industry leader of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the past 30 years for his outstanding contribution, and became a recognized industry leader both inside and outside the industry.

In the future, Chow Tai sang jewelry will adhere to the core values of love, integrity, responsibility and endeavor, provide sincere service, excellent innovation, offer beauty to customers, transmit love, seek benefits for shareholders and employees, mutually benefit and win-win with partners, create a legendary brand, create a prosperous jewelry era, shine in China and fly with dragons.