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What does ios13 low data mode mean? Is ios13 low data mode on or off

What does ios13 low data mode mean? Is ios13 low data mode on or off

Although more and more users use the unlimited traffic package, according to Apple's survey, the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users will still pay close attention to their cellular network data usage. Therefore, the mobile cellular network 'usage' has been added to IOS, and users can view the current package usage by opening 'settings - cellular mobile network - Usage' in turn.

Many users may not know that Apple has added a low data mode to IOS 13's' cellular mobile network 'and' wireless LAN 'in order to help users control traffic consumption. When 'low data mode' is turned on, iPhone will reduce data usage by delaying non mandatory tasks and disabling background application refresh.

How to turn on low data mode?

On devices that upgrade IOS 13, you can turn on low data mode for cellular networks and Wi Fi, respectively.

Cellular network:

Open 'Settings' app and select' cellular network '& gt;' Cellular data option 'and then turn on' low data mode '.

If it is a dual card device, you can also turn on low data mode for each cellular network package.


Open the 'Settings' app, select' Wi Fi ', click the' I 'button behind the connected Wi Fi name, and turn on the' low data mode '.

If you log in to icloud with the same Apple ID on different devices, the low data mode preferences of each Wi Fi network will be changed synchronously on all devices.

What happens in low data mode

In the low data mode, different apps reduce data usage in different ways. It usually appears as follows:

When the use of an app is inactive, the application may stop using network data;

'background app refresh' is closed;

The quality of streaming media content may be reduced;

Automatic download and backup shutdown;

Icloud photo and other services are suspended from updating.

IOS built-in apps and services adapt to low data mode in the following ways:

App Store: turn off automatic video playback, automatic update and automatic download.

Music: auto download and high quality streaming off.

Podcast: the feed update frequency is limited, and the single episode can only be downloaded under Wi Fi.

News: Article prefetching off.

Icloud: updates are paused, and automatic backup and icloud photo updates are turned off.

FaceTime call: the video bit rate is optimized for lower bandwidth.