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China lost 3 games and 3 losses to Iran in the National Olympic Games and missed the 2020 Tokyo Olym

On the evening of the 15th Beijing time, the Chinese men's Olympic team lost 0-1 to its last opponent Iran in the last round of the group match of the AFC U23 championship in songka, Thailand. China's National Olympic team failed to score a goal in three games and three losses in this competition. It ranked last in the group and missed the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. South Korea and Uzbekistan in the same group joined hands to advance to the top eight of the U23 championship.

In the last round, the Chinese team lost 0-2 to Uzbekistan, completely losing the possibility of qualifying in the group. Therefore, the game against Iran is only for honor. Coach Hao Wei carried out a large-scale rotation of the starting lineup. Two strikers Chen Pu and Tian Xin from Shandong Luneng entered the list of 11, and Liu Yu, the core section of the midfield, was on standby. After the opening, the Iranian team, which is still likely to qualify, pressed forward and attacked with all its strength, and the Chinese team was completely on the defensive. Fortunately, the players in the front field of the Iranian team were not good at shooting and missed three or four good opportunities to score goals, otherwise the Chinese team would have fallen behind in the first half.

In the second half, the Chinese team improved its attack by changing people. After Duan Liu Yu appeared on the stage, he connected several counterattacks of the team, which posed a threat to the goal of Iran. Zhou Junchen and Chen Pu's shots either missed the goal or were rejected by the beam. The Chinese team has never scored. In the 86th minute, Zhu chenjie fouled gayedi when defending in the restricted area, and noravkan scored a penalty kick to rewrite the score. Due to the decline of physical strength, the Chinese team was unable to return to the sky in the end, and all three wars were ink.

In another game in the same group, South Korea beat Uzbekistan 2-1, and the two teams qualified hand in hand.