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What are the new services of Alipay 2018? What are the latest benefits of Alipay 2018

Alipay will launch new services and new benefits every once in a while, which we can really feel. Alipay brings nine major service projects at the beginning of 2018, which is beneficial to people's life and convenience. What new services will Alipay launch in 2018? What new benefits can we enjoy? Let's find out.

Recently, Alipay has added nine new services. Let's review:

1. Flower recognition applet

Service provider: Hangzhou Dana Technology

Don't say "beautiful" to the wild flowers on the road. How do you know if it's a good flower with pure wealth?

Open this app, take a picture of the flower, you will know its name and family background, and then you decide whether to praise it or not.

Long press to copy this message, open Alipay and use the [color recognition] applet ettr4x25ua

2. Many cities can use Alipay for free

By the end of March, Shijiazhuang, Shaoxing, Tai'an, Anyang and Zhangjiagang brush Alipay can enjoy free bus service in the whole city, and Jinan users can enjoy 50% discount on bus service in the whole city.

Before taking the bus, please go to Alipay to collect the e-bus card. Method: Alipay - pay code - bottom 'bus code'.

3. Zhengzhou public transportation can use Alipay to scan the code

Zhengzhou friends can brush Alipay and take the bus. You can use Alipay to scan the code and take the bus in the urban area, airport area and upper Street area.

From now to the end of March, you can enjoy the first free ticket every day when you swipe Alipay, and you can enjoy random reduction and the highest free ticket in April.

4. Xiamen parking brush Alipay

Xiamen Road and Bridge Information Co., Ltd. has reached cooperation with us. In the top 10 shopping malls, three science and technology parks, office buildings, communities, gymnasiums, transportation hubs and other places in Xiamen, a total of 69 parking lots can pay the parking fees through Alipay.

The owner can open Alipay to scan the QR code on the poster and enter the "I parking" life number to pay directly, or find "I parking" in Alipay's "city service" to add vehicles, and then pay online. It's not afraid to forget the change.

5. When applying for etc, the owner of freight car can "enjoy first and pay later"

Shandong Expressway and Alipay jointly launched the truck etc enjoy first pay later. In the future, drivers who have applied for etc truck pass card in Alipay can pass first pay later when entering and leaving the expressway, covering the national expressway.

Open Alipay, search "high speed etc one stop" in the top search box to enter the life number, and click [truck payment after delivery] to confirm the signing. After opening, the truck owner can apply for etc card online and send the card to his home by supplementing the ID card, driving license and other information completely.

6. Tmall's flagship store sold around ant forest

There are many friends who like the surroundings of ant forest. Now they can buy it directly at tmall's flagship store of ant golden clothing. There are cute dolls, energy balls, camphor pine pillows, masks, greeting cards, etc. for you to choose.

Before placing an order, please remember to exchange points for coupons in Alipay - my - ant membership page.

7. McDonald's in Thailand can use Alipay

After traveling to Thailand, the kids can use Alipay to add spicy chicken nuggets to themselves.

8. Over 120000 personal tax returns can be brushed

Friends from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang (except Ningbo), Shaanxi and Chongqing, who earned more than 120000 yuan of personal income tax last year, can apply for it with Alipay brush. Search "province name + tax declaration" on the homepage of Alipay, click the corresponding province entry to operate according to the steps, and the declaration will be ended on March 31.

The individual income tax declaration of the old railway in other cities can be operated according to the guidance of the local tax authorities (official website declaration, etc.).

9. Ant members have a special rest area in the airport

The first ant gold member rest area in China is located in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Diamond members can enjoy the leisure waiting in the rest area, as well as a series of quick boarding services such as check-in agent, luggage consignment agent, free tea, flight information consultation, fast security channel, battery car to the gate after security check. The rest area is located at departure gate 9.