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Hammer nut 2 exposure hammer 2 when to sell how much

This March, the mobile phones of every family are blooming, but they don't see the hammer. Previously, Luo Yonghao announced that hammer will hold a large-scale new product release in the bird's nest this year. I don't know when it will be. Is it hammer nut 2? Let's see.

Recently, a netizen revealed that hammer's new machine, code named 'Oscar', will be on the market within a month. According to media forecasts, this is most likely hammer's upcoming new nut series - nut 2.

According to the previous information, nut 2 will be similar to millet mix in screen design, with entity fingerprint recognition button reserved at the bottom, while the other three sides are borderless design.

In other configurations, nut 2 is also expected to be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 636 processor, built-in 3000mAh battery and post dual camera function. The starting price should be around 1599 yuan.

However, with the size of nut 2, it's impossible to land in the nest. If you really want to listen to crosstalk in the nest, it's probably the fastest to May. At that time, along with Lao Luo's appearance in the bird's nest, I'm afraid there are also the new smartisan T series that hammer fans have been looking forward to for a long time.