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How to clean yellow shoes

These two years, the little white shoes are very popular. Maybe everyone has one or two pairs of them. The people who wear the little white shoes know that they are afraid that the little white shoes will turn yellow. It's really hard to see if they turn yellow. What's the reason why the little white shoes turn yellow? How to clean the yellow little white shoes? Let's take a look at these tips.

Why do white shoes turn yellow?

The main reason is that the soap on the white shoes is not washed clean and oxidized, or you put it under the sun. As long as you put it under the sun after you wash the shoes and wrap it with toilet paper, you will find that the toilet paper turns yellow but the shoes turn white!

How to clean yellow and white shoes

White shoes yellow wash white magic trick 1: White Toothpaste

Soak the shoes thoroughly with water, and then evenly smear them with white toothpaste. What should be noted here is that white toothpaste must be used, because it will not dye shoes, and toothpaste has a very good whitening effect, in addition, it is not necessary to brush out foam, according to the weight of yellow, it can achieve the effect of how to remove the white edge of shoes and turn yellow. In this way, the effect of snow-white can be restored after a period of time and cleaning.

White shoes turn yellow and wash white

First, clean the white shoes, and then soak them in beer for a few minutes. After cleaning, wrap the shoes with white toilet paper and put them in a ventilated place to dry.

White shoes yellow wash white magic trick three: white chalk

First, wash the shoes according to the normal conditions, and then dry them until they are half dry (no water dripping, a little * *) and start to brush the white chalk on the upper. Brush carefully, and don't miss any place, especially the shoes with unclean stains. You can paint them evenly and the white shoes are fake. But when you take the shoes to the sun, after they are dry, the white shoes can be restored as follows The beginning is white.

White shoes yellow and white four magic tricks: detergent

Now, if you search online for white shoe cleaner, you will find that there are many products similar to cleaning white shoes. If you are lazy enough, you can try this method. It's said that the effect is good, and you need to experiment in person.

White shoes yellow wash white trick five: bleach

If there are yellow stains that can't be washed out, of course, you can also use bleach. It is recommended to use a small area of toothbrush with warm water in the proportion of 1:5.