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Is vivo X21 worth buying? Detailed evaluation of vivo X21

Is vivo X21 worth buying? Detailed evaluation of vivo X21

Four seas network: Recently, vivo officially released its flagship model, vivo X21, which focuses on comprehensive screen. Vivo uses the same Liu Hai solution as iPhone X. The material adopts the current popular glass and metal, and the biggest feature is to unlock with fingerprint under the screen. What about vivo 21? Let's take a look at the detailed evaluation.

There are two versions of vivo X21, one is the ordinary version with post fingerprint unlocking, the other is the screen fingerprint version. Apart from the fingerprint, other configurations are similar. They are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor, standard 6GB memory, a new generation of ultra narrow U-shaped slot full screen design, with many selling points such as face recognition, intelligent dual camera, backlight portrait, etc., which is full of fashion Beauty, but also the cool sense of technology.

In terms of sales price, vivo X21 is 3198 yuan, and X21 screen fingerprint is 3598 yuan, which will be launched on March 24 and March 28 respectively.

To configure

In terms of configuration, vivo X21 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 660 platform, 6GB standard memory, 6.28-inch 2280x1080p resolution comprehensive screen design, 12 million pixels in front and 5 million pixels in back.

CPU customized Qualcomm snapdragon 660 AIE processor ram6gbrom128gb, supporting up to 256gb memory card expansion screen 6.28inch 19:9 full screen with bangs, 2280x1080 resolution, 1.66mm narrow frame

90.3% screen share, 100% dci-p3 wide color gamut, 401 PPI, 430nit front lens 12 million pixels, f / 2.0, full pixel dual core focusing, 24 million light-sensitive unit rear lens 12 million pixels (F / 18, 24 million light-sensitive unit) + 5 million pixels (F / 2.4)

Full pixel dual core focusing, P3 color gamut camera, six mirror lens (main camera) battery 3200mah, non detachable size 154.45 * 74.78 * 7.37mm 156.2g system fundouch OS 4.0 (based on Android 8.1) color ice drill Black / Aurora white / ruby red network system full Netcom 4G, dual card dual standby characteristic function dark environment face recognition, screen fingerprint recognition, hi fi price ordinary version: 3198 yuan; screen fingerprint version : 3598 yuan

The battery capacity is 3200mah, and there are three colors of ice Diamond Black, Aurora white and ruby red.

Appearance: up to 90.3% screen share, 3D glass design at back

In terms of appearance, vivo X21 adopts the current popular 'banged screen' design. The screen material is OLED, and the ultra narrow U-shaped groove design. The proportion of the screen without groove is as high as 90.3%, with a resolution of 19:9, 6.28 inch 2280x1080p. In order to present a wide visual effect, the left and right frames of vivo are pressed to 1.66mm, and the upper and lower forehead are also very narrow, which has a strong visual impact.

Vivo X21 screen fingerprint version reference price ¥ 3598

Aiming at Liu Haiping, vivo uses big data and intelligent algorithm analysis to almost adapt to the mainstream apps commonly used by users. In the aspect of display, X21 supports dci-p3 wide color gamut, which makes screen performance richer, and P3 color management technology makes color restoration accurate.


The back of vivo X21 is designed with four curved 3D glass, which is smooth in the middle and curved on both sides. It not only fits the palm well, but also makes X21 appear thinner visually. The color matching on the back of X21 is presented by the way of coating on the bottom of the glass. The coating adopts the color processing technology of coating + silk screen, which makes the whole machine shine with glass luster.

Unlocking: face recognition plus screen fingerprint to unlock the future

Vivo X21 screen fingerprint version supports cool off screen fingerprint, without any holes on the front, and can be unlocked by pressing the screen lightly. Among various unlocking methods derived to meet the comprehensive screen design, screen fingerprint unlocking is undoubtedly one of the best solutions, which neither sacrifices experience nor affects appearance.

Of course, X21 supports face wake face recognition unlocking, which can automatically monitor 1024 features of the face, so as to ensure the security of mobile phone information. The X21 fingerprint version also supports the front infrared fill light, which can be used to fill the face at night, even if there is no light, it can unlock the phone with face recognition.

Artificial intelligence Jovi AI: multi-core artificial intelligence acceleration chip

The X21 is equipped with 660 AIE, a Qualcomm snapdragon multi-core neural network acceleration chip. Compared with the 660 processor on the X20, it enhances the artificial intelligence computing ability and can handle higher intensity AI tasks.

The Jovi AI engine of X21 can intelligently identify the user's use scenarios, for example, it can reduce the resource occupation of other applications when playing games, so as to effectively improve the performance of the game; the AI assistant can aggregate important information on the mobile phone, for example, when you buy movie tickets online, nearly two hours before the start of broadcasting, the AI assistant will remind you that the movie is about to start; Vivo X21 also supports intelligent screen recognition. Long press the person name, place name, movie name, etc. on the screen to query the detailed information & hellip; & hellip;

X21's driving mode is very practical. When you park, it will automatically mark the parking position and provide a map to find the car's location. Make it easy to find your own car after you've eaten and drunk.

Photo: AI intelligent dual photo, backlight is also clear

From the advertisement of vivo, we can know that taking photos is still the selling point of X21. X21 uses a new generation of 2 x 12 million pixels (24 million photosensitive units) sensor, which supports full pixel dual core fast focusing, with 24 million photosensitive units, large photosensitive area and fast focusing speed.

X21 supports backlight beauty, even in backlight scenes, the self shot face will not appear too dark, and the background will not be too black. In addition, with the help of Ai Ai Ai chip, the beauty scheme can be matched intelligently according to the user's gender, skin color, etc.

In addition, vivo X21 also supports the lighting effect of human image, which can take large human image films with studio effect; P3 color gamut camera mode, which can bring rich photo colors; even the video can use the beauty function.

Game: game performance optimization, generating game experience weekly report

Playing games is undoubtedly the most favorite leisure and entertainment activity of young people nowadays. Vivo X21 specially optimizes the games, such as the long stay of background games, no obvious jam will occur when switching applications occasionally and then switching back to the game. X21 will also generate a weekly game experience report, which will directly tell the users about the performance improvement of the mobile phone. In addition, X21 also supports the competitive mode and anti touch function, When playing games, CPU, memory, etc. will be adjusted to the optimal state, and there will be no false touch.

Music: Hi Fi heritage, deepfield deep space sound effect

The X21 also supports hi fi music experience, and also introduces exclusive deep space sound effects, including panoramic surround, subwoofer and clear voice.

Factory also conscience landmark with a pair of beautiful headphones.


In general, X21 integrates current popular elements and cutting-edge technology, likes to experience new technology, likes mobile photography, and is used to listening to songs on mobile phones, but in the near future, children's shoes that want to change their mobile phones might as well be considered.