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The latest development of causes and events of high speed cruise control of Mercedes Benz

In recent days, Mercedes Benz lost control of cruise control has attracted many people's attention. What's the cause of Mercedes Benz losing control? How can Mercedes Benz lose control? What's the result? What's the latest progress of the incident? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Mercedes Benz C200 cruise control incident

Dispute 1: after sales of Mercedes Benz through the background system operation, so that this out of control time nearly an hour Mercedes Benz safe parking.

Last night, Mercedes Benz officials responded: Mercedes Benz does not have the technology to intervene in the background.

Earlier, the owner also updated the information through relevant channels, saying that the vehicle stop was not realized by Benz backstage operation, but by opening the safety belt and door at the same time. After the vehicle speed was reduced from 120 km / h to 30 km / h, the brake system returned to normal working state, making the vehicle stop.

The second issue is the speed of Mercedes Benz C200 passing the toll station in the video.

From the video screen, it can be seen that the speed of the car passing by is faster than that of the waiting vehicle, and the Mercedes Benz flashes by. But in the second shot of the video, there is a moving truck as a reference. When the Mercedes Benz passes through the toll station, its speed is questioned. Is it 120? Han Han visually measured the speed of 80 km / h in today's Weibo update.

About the speed of passing the toll station, the car owner also has the update in the later report. The owner claimed that due to the lack of dialect, he took the high-speed traffic police's advice to him to "wipe the car" (actually, the way to wipe and hang the high-speed isolation belt to slow down) as a way to open the door and jump. When he untied the safety belt and opened the door, he found that the speed was decreasing by 10 km / h, and just in this time period, he came to the vicinity of the high-speed toll station and closed the car for safety Door, and then the speed rises to 120 km / h by itself.

This also caused many netizens to question: when the brake system fails for a long time, the car owner drives the car away again without carrying out maintenance or even making clear the situation. So the traffic police let the car owner drive away. Is there any problem with the car?

Mr. Xue, the owner of the car, opened a microblog today, saying that he would not accept any media interviews until the test results came out.

It seems that only after the detection report comes out can the truth come out. We will continue to report this matter objectively and fairly.

One of the protagonists of this event is the cruise control system. Do we really know about the cruise control system? Do we use it right every day? Let's talk about some possible mistakes in the use of cruise control to help us avoid such accidents.

Use res' recovery 'function with caution

On the highway, you are cruising at a constant speed of 100km / h. In this case, you need to slow down. Someone will cancel the constant speed cruising or light touch the brake. At this time, the speed is reduced to 50km / h. If you want to recover to the previous cruising speed, OK, press res.

The actual speed of the vehicle is quite different from the previously set speed. At this time, the recovery computer will judge that the speed will be increased to the previous speed as soon as possible. As a result, it will give you a 'floor oil' or even a forced downshift, which makes people feel very abrupt. Many people have been scared by this function. Please use it carefully.

Downhill may exceed the preset speed

Constant speed cruising is not the real constant speed. When the vehicle goes down the slope, it is still possible to overspeed due to the influence of inertia.

For example, if we set the vehicle speed as 80km / h in the urban area, the vehicle speed is not only the set speed in the process of downhill. Although it has the effect of engine traction braking, it may also overspeed, so in order to be foolproof, it's better to pay attention to the actual speed when downhill.

Cruise control is not recommended on urban roads

For the normal (without ACC) cruise control system, it is recommended to use it on the road with good road conditions.

In cities with complex situations, it is not recommended to use it. It will be faster and slower in a short time, and the operation of cruise control will be distracted, which will increase the probability of accidents instead.

The most fuel saving mistake in cruise control

The original intention of the cruise function design is' constant speed ', not' constant fuel consumption ', so the computer logic will be adjusted for the first purpose of ensuring the set speed. It's not obvious to use constant speed cruising on flat ground, but when the ground has an angle, the vehicle will increase the throttle or even downshift to maintain the set speed, so it's a misunderstanding that constant speed is fuel saving.

Do not use cruise control on mountain roads

When the rugged mountain road changes, don't use constant speed cruising, because constant speed cruising won't change according to the circumstances at this time. When going up the slope, it will increase the throttle, and it won't slow down before going down the slope. In addition, the curve on the mountain is irregular, some angles are large and some angles are small, so it's very dangerous to always use a speed to cross the curve.