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What is the right way to wash grapes

What is the right way to wash grapes

Sihaiwang: the nutritional value of grape is very high. It contains many vitamins and microelements. It's sour, sweet and tastes very good. It's very difficult to clean. The dense and small grains are always unclean. Many people have a headache about how to clean the grape. What's the right way to wash grapes? Today we'll introduce some tricks to let you know the right way to wash grapes.

Method I of grape washing

The first step is to use scissors to cut the grapes with fruit stalks before cleaning the grapes. Do not leave the stems too long or too large, which may scratch other grapes during cleaning. Some friends like to tear the grapes from the branches one by one, so that each grape has a big hole, which is not right. Because if you tear the fruit directly without the stem, the dirty water will easily enter into the pulp from the grape notch during cleaning, resulting in the deterioration of the pulp. At the same time of cutting the grapes, we should remove the rotten or deteriorated grapes. In this process, we should be careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the skin of the grapes and polluting the pulp during cleaning.

The second step is to gently put the cut grape fruit into the basin. First, rinse the dirt on the surface of grape grain with clean water. Then put a spoonful of salt and two spoonfuls of flour into the container containing the grapes, add some water, and stir gently with your hand clockwise for one or two minutes.

The third step is to pour out the dirty water and clean it with clean water until there is no white frost and impurities on the grape skin. Then remove the grape from the water and put it in a porous container to control the water.

Step 4: if you want to make the grapes without any water stains, introduce a little trick to you. Spread a clean towel on a flat plate, pour the grapes into the flat plate, drag the bottom of the plate and shake it gently, roll the grapes evenly, and then the towel will suck up the water on the peel.

Grape washing method 2

First, be sure to take scissors and cut them at the junction of pedicel and grape. When cutting, the scissors should be close to the grapes as much as possible. Do not leave too long stems on the grapes, so as not to cut other grapes when cleaning. After all the grapes have been cut, we'll start washing again.

1. First, rinse off the impurities on the surface of grape with clear water.

2. Put the grapes into the container, add a small spoon of salt and two spoons of flour.

3. Add water, mix gently with your hands, stir the grapes in a circle, and let stand for 1.2 minutes.

4. Take out the water and rinse it with clear water, then take out the water to dry.

Grape washing method 3

1. Put the grapes into the water basin one by one, keep the grapes intact, do not break the skin, and add some water that has changed the height of the grapes.

2. Sprinkle some flour in the water.

3. Gently stir in the water with your hands.

4. Pour out the dirty water on the surface and wash it with clear water several times until there is no turbidity.