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When is oppo R15 available? How much is the price?

It is reported that oppo R15 recently released R15 physical photos and configuration and other information. R15 is expected by the industry this time. It is not only a comprehensive screen but also a very high-end configuration. According to the official news, R15 will meet you soon.

Oppo officially confirmed that it will hold a new release ceremony of oppo R15 at 8:00 p.m. on March 31 in cooperation with Zhejiang satellite TV. According to the latest news, oppo today held a media conference in Beijing on oppo R15, releasing the oppo R15 series of mobile phones featuring Liu Haiping + gradual color matching, priced from 2999 yuan.

At the conference, Allen, vice president of oppo, said that oppo's sales reached 118 million mobile phones in 2017, ranking the fourth in the world. This time, it has brought the popular new oppo R15 product with comprehensive screen design of Liu Hai, and also brought the oppo ar developer platform to cooperate with Shangtang technology.

In terms of appearance, oppo R15 adopts double-sided glass material, which provides thermal red and snow white color matching, and further upgrades the gradient design, bringing a new star purple gradient color. The dream version of oppo R15 adopts 3D glass design, with black red gradient design of dream red and ceramic black. In addition, oppo R15 adopts a 6.28-inch heteromorphic full screen, similar to the iPhone X's banged screen, with a screen proportion of 19:9 and a screen proportion of 90%. The front banged groove supports face recognition, while the area occupied is lower than the iPhone X. Based on the special-shaped comprehensive screen, oppo R15 carries out the gesture operation of three keys of Andro, and adapts to the mainstream applications. The location of the bangs will also be used to display more multitasking information, enhancing utilization.

In terms of photo taking, oppo R15 has a 20 million pixel lens in front and an AI engine is introduced, which can intelligently match the face shape of global users and better identify them. It supports 16 kinds of tags and 120 kinds of scene detection, supports intelligent scene recognition 2.0, and portrait mode supports 3D lighting mode. After 5 megapixel + 16 megapixel dual camera lens (imx519 high frame rate image sensor), this CMOS has two major features: one is faster photographing, more accurate photographing, the other is more light input, less noise, sample frame rate increased by 100%, 7.7% higher than the previous generation. At the same time, R15 also brings 3-hdr hardware real-time hierarchical exposure, backlight photography can achieve WYSIWYG.

In terms of configuration, oppo R15 adopts MTK P60 processor, built-in 6GB storage + 128GB storage combination, built-in 345mah capacity battery, and supports vooc flash charging. The two dreamland versions of oppo R15 use the Xiaolong 660 processor, with a battery capacity of 3400mah. Other configurations are the same as those of the normal version. They all support fast charging and run the new color OS 5.0 operating system.

In the game, oppo and Tencent continued to set up a joint innovation laboratory, and after the glory of the king, they will also specially optimize chicken eating hand games.

In addition, oppo announced the price of the new machine in advance at the communication meeting. Oppo R15 costs 2999 yuan, R15 Dream Red 3299 yuan, and ceramic black 3499 yuan. From now on, the official website officially opens the reservation, which will be sold online and offline simultaneously on April 1.