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How to avoid fetal deformity during pregnancy after the death of born noseless baby in the United St

After a noseless American child was born in 2015, many people were touched. It is sad that he has passed away when he was only two years old. In fact, this is a rare congenital disease. There are no more than 40 confirmed cases in the world. Xiaobian can't help being curious. Didn't they check it out during the pregnancy test? For pregnant women, they must keep a happy mood during pregnancy, so as to avoid the occurrence of abnormal children!

According to the sun on June 6, Eli & Middleton Thompson died at the Alabama Medical Center on the night of March 3, just three months ago celebrating his second birthday on March 4.

He was born without any nasal cavity or sinuses, which is a rare congenital disease. There are no more than 40 confirmed cases in the world, with a prevalence rate of 197 million. He had to have a tracheotomy within five days of birth. His father, Jeremy Finch, said Eli was' a very, very smart and happy person, always smiling and loving to punch everyone. '. '

The probability of such a situation is still relatively low, which is generally one hundred million times. There was such a situation several decades ago. Such reasons are generally caused by the deformity of the child. How can we prevent the deformity of the fetus?

First: you must not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy preparation, which is easy to cause deformity of your child, and you should keep away from second-hand smoke.

Second: it is forbidden to make up during pregnancy, because there are heavy metals in cosmetics, which may cause deformity of children, and even do not take medicine randomly.

Third: pregnant mother's illness, especially fever, is also likely to cause the probability of deformity.

Fourth: food must be safe and healthy. If you eat something infected by mould, it may also cause deformity of your child.

Pregnant mother must also have a good mood, keep a good mood, the baby in the mother's stomach will be happy to jump!