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Is rice wine drunk after drinking too much

How much is half a barrel of rice wine Recently, a middle-aged aunt of Suzhou high speed railway station went on a hot search. It is reported that in Suzhou high speed railway station, she took the bulk rice wine to the waiting room, and was told that the bulk wine was forbidden to take the high-speed railway, so she drank half a barrel of five Jin rice wine on the spot. Is rice wine drunk after drinking too much? How much is rice wine? Let's have a look.

At about 7:30 a.m. on March 14, at Suzhou High Speed Railway North Station, a middle-aged woman carrying a large bucket of bulk rice wine entered the waiting room. Seeing this, security inspectors stopped her and told her that the bulk wine could not be brought to the high-speed railway. The woman may be unwilling to waste the wine, but she unscrewed the lid on the spot and picked up the bucket to open it. This elder sister had to drink half a barrel. The specification of that barrel is about 2.5kg. Half a barrel is about 2.5kg. The police of Suzhou north railway station of Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau said that after drinking half a barrel, the women may not be able to drink, and the rest will not drink, and then sit down and start waiting normally.

Do you get drunk after drinking rice wine?

Rice wine is a kind of self brewing wine. If you drink too much, you will get drunk.

How many degrees does rice wine usually have?

The degree of rice wine is generally 15 to 25 degrees.

Rice wine, also called Jiuniang, sweet wine. It used to be called "Li". It is a traditional specialty wine of Han nationality and most ethnic minorities in China.

The main raw material of rice wine is jiangmi, so it is also called jiangmi wine. In the north, it is generally called "rice wine" or "sweet wine". A sweet rice wine made from steamed glutinous rice mixed with yeast (a special microbial yeast). Its brewing technology is simple and its taste is sweet and mellow. The alcohol content is very low, so it is very popular. It has a long history of more than one thousand years to make wine with high quality Brown glutinous rice in China. Rice wine has become a daily drink for farmers. Modern rice wine is usually produced in factory.

Rice wine is rich in many kinds of vitamins, glucose, amino acids and other nutrients. It can stimulate the appetite and refresh the mind after drinking, and has the functions of Invigorating Qi, nourishing blood, nourishing yin and kidney. The puerpera and women eat more during menstruation, especially beneficial. It is a good nutrition for the old and the young. In addition, rice wine can treat rheumatoid arthritis, neurasthenia and other diseases, rice wine can promote metabolism and play the role of beauty.

Due to the low degree of rice wine, drinking it is like drinking a drink, unconsciously it will drink more, and the alcohol absorption of the stomach will increase accordingly.

In the process of rice wine brewing, Saccharomyces cerevisiae will produce a large number of higher alcohols (i.e., "top" substances), which are much more than those in white wine. Usually a small amount of higher alcohols make the taste mellow, but a large number of higher alcohols make people easily drunk. Therefore, rice wine has a great potential and is easy to get started! Maybe, the aunt should get started soon after eating two and a half Jin of rice wine! I love you for two minutes.