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Which provincial college entrance examination composition is Gao Xiaosong? some people on the Internet say that the Spring Festival Gala and college entrance examination composition are the carnival of national pundits. Sure enough, as the most discussed topic, every year's college entrance examination composition can be talked about by the whole people. Even Gao Xiaosong has been involved because Gao Xiaosong has "won" the college entrance examination composition! So which province's college entrance examination composition has Gao Xiaosong won? Is Gao Xiaosong really winning? Let's have a look!

Gao Xiaosong's college entrance examination

Every year, when the college entrance examination questions come out, everyone will come together to discuss the composition questions In addition to reflecting the characteristics of the times, the college entrance examination questions over the years also care about the hot events of the times. Looking back on these 40 years, we can see that all aspects of society are changing.

The 2017 college entrance examination Chinese test has ended, and there are many kinds of composition topics in the college entrance examination. Some materials are very fashionable, some materials are very advanced, some materials are very classical, and finally there are those life feelings in the Chinese composition. With the real topic on-line, the new year's emperor have also appeared, first to see one of the most talked about composition.

Gao Xiaosong's introduction to the college entrance examination

Before in "xiaoshuo", Gao Xiaosong said that he wanted to take the word "car" as the title, but he often didn't expect that the title of this year's Jiangsu volume's composition was about "car". Netizens, old and middle-aged drivers, all drove in succession, saying that the topic was handy. So we all know why Gao Xiaosong is right about the college entrance examination question. After all, just half a month ago, Gao Xiaosong opened a big brain hole in the first program he was responsible for making, which was started by the word "car". YY will upgrade the world science and technology in the future, and be praised by netizens for his magical power!