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Men hate women's words. Don't say them easily

Men hate women's words. Don't say them easily there are always some frictions between men and women. Sometimes men let girls everywhere, but sometimes some of the girls' hurtful words are unknown to them. This is often the starting point of emotional breakdown. What do men hate most about women?

1. You always do

Every time a woman quarrels, she will start to turn over the old account, 'you were like this last time', 'I told you many times, how can you just not listen to it' & hellip; 'maybe they did it wrong twice, but in the woman's mouth, it becomes' you every time, you always', which makes men feel very aggrieved. If a man would respond in this way, a woman would say 'when? 'most of the time, men can't say it, either they forget it or they are blamed by women for being too careful. So it seems that men do have some difficulties in getting along with each other. Add wechat qizhinvr to teach you to be a temperament woman!

2. Your mother and I fall into the water. Who do you save first

This problem seems to be an eternal problem in sexual relations. Although the scene in the question is not common, but there are always women who like to ask, and men will think, why do you use this hypothetical question to make me difficult? It's clear that digging a hole makes me jump, and love and family, choose one or the other, which is not a simple choice for anyone! In fact, if you think about it, women will find it difficult to answer such questions!

3. You are useless

Women, especially married women, like to complain about their husband's incompetence, which may be in work or in life. This sentence hurts not only feelings but also men's self-esteem, and men are animals with high self-esteem. The success and ability of their career is the most important part in their lives. The lethality of this sentence to them is no less than nuclear Weapons, women's sarcasm will only put men in a desperate situation. When you say "you're useless", it means a total denial of them. Men's abilities are different. Since they have chosen him, they should find out his advantages rather than attack him ironically.

4. You have changed. You were not like this before

As long as men don't do anything right, women will throw out this sentence: 'you used to be very good to me, you have changed & hellip; & hellip;' 'you used to surprise me, and now you have changed & hellip; & hellip;' in fact, when men hear this sentence, they will think that women have changed too. They are not as gentle and reasonable as before, but they dare not say it, Once said, it will escalate the conflict. In fact, the days are more prosaic, women should recognize the reality, but also less unrealistic fantasy.

5. You are right. What's wrong with you

When two people quarrel, if the man chooses to admit his mistake, the woman may have to ignore others and will not give the man a step down. Instead, she will continue to be aggressive and say, "you are not wrong, you are not wrong." this is the most typical duplicity of the woman. But in the eyes of the man, I have made a concession, and you should take it as it is.

6. I do it because I love you

Women are born with maternal brilliance. They like to take care of men. If they don't let them do this, they don't let them do that. They have to report everything they have done together with. Once men show no understanding or opposition, women don't do it. They think 'I'm in charge of you because I love you'. But love is never kidnapping, which only makes the other side feel tired. The real love is to trust is tolerance, to make the other side better.

7. Look at the boyfriend / husband of others

Women like to compare, "Xiao Wang bought a bag for his wife again" and "Xiao Zhang got a raise this month". These words will make men angry and suffocate, because they convey two messages to them. One is that men are not able to satisfy their own women in some aspects, which mostly refers to material aspects. The other is that men feel that women are snobbish, love money more than love, and have a long time But the long time between two people will produce the estrangement, the sentiment also will slowly fade.

8. Are you a man

Women sometimes regard themselves as a vulnerable group in front of men. They think that men are strong and women are weak and need to be taken care of. Once there is something that men can't make sure of, women like to gossip 'you are not a man'. Any man with a little backbone will be angry! Especially when objective factors are really embarrassing. Men are not gods. It's impossible for everything to be perfect. Only when women are more considerate of men's sufferings can they make their feelings stronger and stronger.

9. Didn't I say that for a long time, you just didn't listen

Even if it's not a couple or a couple, it's annoying to say it after a while. What's more, it's said in front of the person you love and love. The context in which this sentence appears is actually that something bad has happened. In this case, the other party needs to be comforted and helped. It's not cynical, it's not necessary to prove how wise and powerful you are. People's hearts are fragile. If they are always splashed with cold water when they need help, their hearts will become cold as time goes by!