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Is Qingming Festival a legal holiday in 2018? Is there three salaries for overtime work on Qingming

Qingming Day is a statutory holiday in China. According to the national regulations, it is a three-day holiday. However, some service industries are busy on holidays. Is it overtime to work on statutory holidays? How about the salary on statutory holidays? Is there three salaries on Qingming Day? Let's have a look!

Do you have three salaries on Qingming Festival 2018

yes. However, only on Qingming Day (April 5), there are three salaries.

The 2018 Qingming Festival holiday has three days, from April 5 to April 7, 2018. One of them is a legal holiday, that is, Qingming Festival. The other two days are weekend holidays. So it's only twice the wage.

How to calculate the overtime wage of 2018 Qingming Festival

In the Qingming Festival holiday, on April 5 (which is a legal holiday), the overtime wage shall be paid at 300% of the average daily wage or hourly wage;

April 6 and 7 (these two days are public holidays) will be calculated according to 200% of the average daily wage or hourly wage to pay extra overtime wage.

Calculation of overtime wage on statutory holiday: overtime wage = daily standard wage (or piece rate wage) & pide; 8 (hours) x3x overtime time.

Does Qingming Day bank work in 2018

General units are on holiday, but due to the particularity of banks, the specific holiday arrangements should be based on their holiday announcements.

During the holidays, the duty outlets are open to personal business. It is better to make an appointment in advance for large amount withdrawal business, but not for public business.

The banks of the holiday and the rest adjustment outlets will post the notice in the outlets. You can pay attention to it. During the holiday, ATM self-service equipment, telephone banking and online banking of many banks are in normal operation, and can handle business at the ATM.


The regulations of banks in different regions are different. If you have any questions, you can call the customer service hotline of relevant banks for detailed consultation.

2018 Qingming Festival Expressway free time: free time is 3 days

Time: 0:00 on April 5-24:00 on April 7, 2018.

Because the highway of our country's four legal holidays is free, they are Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day. In the legal holidays of the four expressways, the free vehicles are passenger vehicles with less than 7 SEATS (including 7 seats) driving on the toll roads, including motorcycles allowed to drive on the general toll roads.