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What kind of business do you do in the countryside in 2018 to make money in the countryside

What are the projects to make money in rural areas in 2018? What are the businesses to do in rural areas in 2018? If you want to do something in rural areas, let's take a look at the following project recommendations, which may provide some reference for you.

What's a good business in rural areas in 2018

Grow organic vegetables

Now, people's income has increased, and many people's demand for food has also changed in essence, starting to change from food and clothing type to health, nutrition, health care and other aspects. Organic vegetables, far away from pollution, do not use any pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the planting process, green and healthy, good health effect, has been loved by many people, very popular in the market. Therefore, Xiaobian believes that investors can earn money by contracting several mu of land in rural areas and planting various organic vegetables in greenhouses.

Rural logistics

With the development of rural e-commerce in China, many express delivery can only reach the county or town, which is difficult to reach the farmers' home, which is a dilemma of rural logistics development. In the future, rural areas need to establish express delivery service to home, and in recent years, the logistics industry has been rapid layout in rural areas, which is bound to drive many farmers' employment and entrepreneurship.

reclamation depot

In the countryside, the most you can see is probably glass bottles, plastic bottles, waste cartons, scrap copper and iron. People in the countryside will save them and sell them. For investors, opening a small waste recycling station is also a very good way to get rich. This can not only reduce the accumulation of garbage, help people dispose of all kinds of waste, but also get a considerable income, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone.

Rural wall painting advertisers

Now the development of rural areas is getting better and better. In order to win these potential rural users, Internet companies have turned their attention to simple, rough and cheap wall advertising.

Wall brushing advertisers are required to have a good understanding of the village, be hardworking and have a basic understanding of the Internet and advertising industry. If you can monopolize the external wall advertising of Internet companies in a certain area, it is basically to lie and make money.

2018's most profitable small business project

Rural handicrafts wechat business

Now it's a business trend to do wechat business. Although there are many wechat businesses, most of them are common products, such as cosmetics, health care products, clothing and shoes. If you collect local handicrafts in rural areas, and then send them to friends' circle and find agents to sell them, it's enough to make friends feel novel.

What's more, we all know that things in the countryside are environmentally friendly. Handicrafts are unique, not made mechanically, and have strong quality and practicability, such as: thatched brooms, feather brushes, wooden ladles, bamboo baskets, woven straw hats and so on. As long as the craftsmanship is superb, no one is afraid to buy them.

Rural nursing home

Compared with the haze in the city, the fresh air in the countryside is really a good place for the aged. It is understood that many people in the city want to go to the countryside to provide for the aged after they are old, so it is a very business opportunity to open a rural nursing home.

At present, the rural measures may not meet the corresponding conditions. However, after 10 years, the rural medical, health, business and other supporting facilities have greatly improved, it must be able to attract many people.