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Why do we need bride price for marriage, right

In our country, married men always give bride's parents bride price, which can be traced back to a very early time. So far, bride price is also a necessary item for marriage, but in many areas, the price of bride price is staggering, so why do we need bride price? Is bride price right? Let's get to know.

I. the wedding ceremony can't go too far

1. In fact, it's not too much to ask for a bride's gift according to a small arrangement, and the money is used as the cost of marriage, and some of it will be returned as the money of bride's dowry, that is, the bride's dowry money. In fact, it belongs to the property of both the bride and the bride in the end, which is also one of the customs in China. It can also be said that it's a matter of face to ask for a bride's gift when getting married. Most of the newlyweds marry with good relatives and friends Youduo will ask you how much you want for the bride price. It must have face.

2. There is also a form of money for bride price. At the same time, it depends on the sincerity of the man. In the end, the money for bride price should be used by the new man. Therefore, the money for bride price is generally given by the man. This is also the man's way of thanking the mother's parents for their kindness to the mother's upbringing. The Chinese habit is that the man marries the daughter-in-law to pay the mother's parents bride price, which can be said to be the respect of the mother's parents.

3. The amount of bride price can be paid according to the local marriage habits. If the amount required exceeds the amount of the local wedding ceremony, which is the amount of the sky high price, then it may be too much. Not too much, only according to local habits.

Why should I pay bride price for marriage

In ancient times, it was reasonable to give money to bride's gifts. Until now, there was a rule that a married man gave money to his wife. In fact, it's to thank her parents for the time, money and energy they spent in raising a daughter. After her daughter is married to the man's house, her parents will have one less person to support their family. The lottery money is equal to a sum of money for her parents to 'lose' their daughter and compensate them for their feelings of 'losing' their daughter.