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How to deal with insomnia before the 2017 college entrance examination? the 2017 college entrance examination has begun. In the eyes of many parents, the college entrance examination is the turning point of children's life. Many examinees feel great pressure on themselves. Many students are still writing hard on the eve of the college entrance examination, for fear of missing a review point. Under this pressure, many examinees will suffer from insomnia before the examination, which worries parents. What should we do about insomnia before the examination The editor teaches you some ways to improve the quality of sleep before the exam. I hope it will help you!

I. factors causing insomnia

For examinees, there are three common factors:

1. Physical pain: if the examinee is ill or other factors lead to physical pain, it may cause the examinee to sleep hard.

2. Food problems: if some examinees drink strong tea or coffee before the exam, and have spicy food, it may affect sleep to some extent.

3. Worry about not being able to control the next day, leading to insomnia.

In reality, the first situation is not very common, because a lot of students pay attention to it during the period before the exam, and parents and examinees are also very cautious in terms of food. The most important thing is the third aspect, examinees are worried about not being able to control the exam the next day, resulting in tension and anxiety, thus affecting sleep.

II. Suggestions for examinee adjustment

Let's focus on the third aspect. From the perspective of examinees, what is the most effective thing to do on the night of June 6? There are four or five hours from after dinner to before going to bed. What can we do with these hours? Or how can we do the examination papers that are conducive to the next day?

1. What are the things that worry you the most?

Since there must be some reasons for nervousness and anxiety, what are you most worried about in the next day's exam? Which questions do you not master or are you afraid of writing without ideas or time allocation problems? And so on, you should sort them out on the night of June 6 and think about the countermeasures. If some problems are bothering you all the time, for example, some students are not good at mathematics and analytic geometry can not be solved to the end, how can you solve them tonight if you are worried? Certainly not. The problems that haven't been solved in three years can't be solved in one night? If you are worried that some key points haven't been reviewed due to the negligence factors in this period of time, then there is still time to put them into practice tonight Take the relevant one and browse it. Even on June 6 before the exam, you will still be given time to adjust.

2. Affirm yourself

Be sure that you have been working hard and that you have solved many problems of your own. Just try your best. Remember the scene in the story of the snake catcher. The snake catcher heard the noise of tax collection outside at night. He got up quickly to see if the snake was still there, and then he went to sleep at ease. The same is true for college entrance examination. As mentioned above, you have summed up the problems you are worried about and analyzed them step by step according to different problems. On the night of June 6, you can take the test paper you have done to solve the problem again and see how to solve different types of questions. It is effective for you even to look at the past, because it is impossible for you to achieve nothing.

3. Build a sense of pleasure

In fact, for young people, there is still curiosity. How will tomorrow's test paper be presented in front of you? No one knows tonight. There are many experiences in life that will be eternal for a long time. No matter what, they are all your test papers. You have reason to treat them kindly. With a kind of curiosity and a learning attitude, you can enter the examinee, even if there is a certain topic that you can't help It belongs to you. Finish it to the maximum extent, grasp the process, and do your best.

4. Accept some problems in the test paper

Since the college entrance examination is a selective examination, if there are no pull-up questions, then how can some excellent people stand out? So it is normal to say that there are problems, you can't, and can't do every question right, even the number one can't, so you don't need to worry about that you can't start with a certain item, as long as you can control it to the maximum extent.

The world can only decide itself, treat a day the same, life is short, you have reason to make this day better, right?