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What is the reason of women's delayed menstruation and how to improve it

What is the reason of women's delayed menstruation and how to improve it Nowadays, female friends are more and more concerned about their menstruation. If their menstruation is advanced or delayed, they will inevitably worry about whether there is a problem with their body. Generally speaking, whether menstruation will be advanced or postponed has certain relationship with weather, mood, environment, internal secretion, Qi and blood, etc., so what should menstruation be delayed to do? Is there any way to improve it?

What is the reason that schoolgirl menstruation postpones?

1. Qi stagnation and blood stasis: if women are depressed at ordinary times, it will cause qi stagnation and blood stasis after a long time. Or women in menstruation, after production feel cold evil, cold evil block Qi and blood movement and form blood stasis. Because the blood stasis blocks the blood vessels, the new blood can not return to the meridians, so that the meridians and blood delay.

2. Yin deficiency and internal heat: if the female is Yin deficiency constitution, or the Yin fluid is damaged due to long illness, the production is too much, and the sexual affairs are too much, so that the Yin blood in the body is depleted. Yin deficiency and internal heat, blood sea restlessness, menstrual blood can not run normally, which leads to prolonged menstruation.

3. Irregular work and rest: some women prefer night life and lack normal work and rest life for a long time, which often makes the body feel tired and affects the normal progress of menstruation. In addition, cool, do not pay attention to warmth will also cause abnormal absorption of pelvic blood vessels, blood volume will be significantly reduced.

How does menstruation postpone do?

1. TCM conditioning

Traditional Chinese medicine mainly regulates through three aspects:

Liver: the purpose of regulating the liver is to make the Qi and blood flow unblocked, the female's Qi and blood flow unblocked, and the menstrual blood will not stay in the body.

Kidney: Meridian water comes from the kidney, so if you want to solve this problem fundamentally, you must first take good care of the kidney. Only by making the kidney vigorous, can menstruation be unblocked.

Spleen: the main function of the spleen and stomach is to replenish blood. Regulating the spleen and stomach can replenish the blood lost by the body.

2. Diet

1. Eat more protein and high fiber food

In lunch and dinner, you can add more meat, bean products, eggs and so on. These high protein foods can supplement the nutrients lost by the body during menstruation. At the same time, we should also eat more vegetables, whole grains, fruits and so on. Rich fiber can improve the content of magnesium, so as to effectively regulate the menstrual cycle.

2. Eat less sweets and caffeine

Foods with too much sugar, such as candy, chocolate and cake, will cause blood sugar rise in the body, affect menstrual stability, and cause physical discomfort. And strong tea, coffee and other drinks will make women easily anxious and uneasy, and it is difficult to calmly meet the arrival of menstruation. It is suggested that female friends who love tea may as well change to barley tea, with better effect.

3. It is recommended to eat more high fiber if you have more menstrual blood

If not only your menstruation is often delayed, but also the amount of bleeding is a lot, it is recommended that you eat more raisins, dates, spinach and so on. This kind of food can effectively help you replenish blood and Qi, and get rapid recovery.