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Does the black iPhone x paint fall off seriously? How to remedy the iPhone x paint fall off

Does the black iPhone x paint fall off seriously? How to remedy the iPhone x paint fall off iPhone x is the product with the biggest upgrade and change of apple in recent years, and its price is up to nearly ten thousand yuan. However, with such a mobile phone as high as ten thousand yuan, the problem is not short. In addition to screen color deviation, low-temperature shutdown, camera ash, etc., there are also paint doors. Is it common for iPhone x to lose paint? How to remedy iPhone x paint falling? Let's have a look.

Recently, some microblog netizens published the real photos of their iPhone X. This new machine, which has just been on sale for 10 days, has seen a large area of paint falling off at the charging interface and loudspeaker, which is a bit horrible.

Not only the charging interface, but also the pictures posted by Weibo netizens pointed out that similar problems occurred near the SIM card slot where the card pin was needed. In addition to this kind of wear and tear off paint, Weifeng forum netizens exposed the picture is a large area of paint in the frame, the specific reason for the drop is still unknown.

However, it should be noted that the paint peeling off of iPhone x frame may not be an example, which must be noted for deep gray iPhone x users.

From the beginning of iPhone 5, almost all the apple iPhones have had the problem of paint falling, of which the problem of paint falling is the most serious in iPhone 5 period.

This time, due to the use of a new stainless steel frame, the problem of coating falling off seems to have become serious again.

For users, if you want to avoid the problem of peeling off the coating, the only way may be to buy a silver version of iPhone X.