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What is the cool thing that besmears on abdomen when doing B-ultrasonic? Does it affect the fetus

For expectant mothers during pregnancy, they need to do B-ultrasound many times during pregnancy. Then every time the birth examination is done, the doctor always smear something cool on his stomach. It looks like a gel. When the B-mode is finished, the doctor will let you wipe it up. So do you know what this thing is?

Some mothers speculate that it may be a lubricant to help the B-ultrasonic instrument slide on the belly, while others worry about whether the substance will hurt the baby in the belly if it is directly applied on the belly.

In fact, mom doesn't have to worry about this kind of substance at all. It's a kind of thing called couplant. The ingredients are non-toxic and tasteless, which won't hurt the human body. It's also mild and non irritating when applied on the skin. It is mainly used to help B-ultrasonic testing, make ultrasound more suitable for skin, and improve the clarity of display. B ultrasound, the mother just need to relax and lie there for the doctor to check.