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Hottest planet temperature 4327 hottest planet data

Hottest planet temperature 4327 hottest planet data scientists have discovered the hottest planet so far, with a temperature of 4327 times higher than the sun and a volume of 3.5 times that of the sun. It's amazing!

Scientists have discovered the hottest planet to date, kelt-9b, with temperatures as high as 4327, just like purgatory.

Kelt-9b is a planet in the constellation Cygnus, 650 light-years from earth. Its main star volume is 3.5 times that of the sun, and its temperature is 9897, twice that of the sun (5600). Because kelt-9b is very close to its main star and its revolution period is only 1.5 days, the temperature on the planet is also very high. There is no possibility of water on a planet with such a high temperature, so there is little possibility of extraterrestrial life on kelt-9b.

Kelt-9b, like Jupiter, is a giant gas planet. It's three times larger than Jupiter, but only half as dense.

It's glowing around, with a comet like tail, because it's actually evaporating all the time. Under such intense ultraviolet radiation, the planet will one day evaporate completely, the researchers said.

The researchers believe the findings could help to understand how planetary systems form near hot, massive stars. When drawing a complete extraterrestrial world, we should not only study how planets were born and evolved, but also study under what conditions they were destroyed.

Kelt-9b's main star has generated a strong gravitational tidal force to attract it, just like the earth's force on the moon, but the side towards the main star has collapsed permanently due to long-term exposure to extreme radiation.