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What's the meaning of the essence of the bar? What's the origin of the essence of the bar Although there was a rule that goblins are not allowed to become goblins after the founding of the people's Republic of China, there are many kinds of "goblins" on the Internet, such as "drama goblins" and "pig goblins girls". Recently, another "stick goblins" appeared. Do you know what it means? What kind of people do you describe? Let's have a look.

What's the meaning of gangjing

What do you mean by "bar essence": "bar" refers to the meaning of "lifting bar". The essence of the bar refers to the person who makes the best use of the bar. He likes to make advances with others very much. He should write everything on the bar. A group of addicts. No matter what others say, he refutes first, and then criticizes first. He opposes in order to oppose. He shows his sense of superiority by criticizing others, plus the blessing of the sentence "only I think & hellip; & hellip;", which can basically succeed in provoking everyone.

There is a difference between this kind of 'insulting' and simply 'expressing different opinions'. The replies that don't know the phase, don't understand the atmosphere, are out of time, and often have nothing to do with your purpose of expression are collectively called the "flatter", and this kind of person who always contradicts is called "the essence of the flatter".

Where is the origin of gangjing

Gangjing is a derivative word of network combination, which began to gain popularity in November 2017. It comes from the combination of the inherent word "Lianggang" and the network word "playjing". After pig essence and drama essence, it has become another popular network monster, triggering public anger.

Classic quotations of gangjing:

Microblog: today blablablablablabla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Comment 1: is it funny?

Comment 2: I can't understand it. I don't know what's funny

Comment 3: where is the laughing point

Comment 4: I don't think it's funny, and I don't know what kind of mentality the laughing people have

Comment 5: I'm the only one who doesn't think it's funny?

How to reply to gangjing: 'yes, it's right that you are the only one. You're the talent of all things in the world. You're the puzzle missing from history. You're the treasure missing from civilization. You're the limited edition. You're the only one out of print. You're the son of Tianxuan. You're the last supper. You're the electricity. You're the only intellectual disability'. If it's too long, just use the last sentence. But for your relationship, use as appropriate.