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How to calculate the revenue of yu'ebao in 2018 the latest revenue calculation method of yu'ebao in

How to calculate the revenue of yu'ebao in 2018 the latest revenue calculation method of yu'ebao in 2018 is very: now many people will put the limited money into yu'ebao, which will generate interest every day, and the income is even higher than the bank's interest. That's why many people put the idle money into yu'ebao, so how to calculate the daily income of yu'ebao in 2018? What's the calculation method? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Yu'ebao revenue calculator Online

Calculation formula of yu'ebao income:

Income on that day = (capital of confirmed shares of yu'ebao / 10000) x income per 10000 shares. Suppose that the capital of your confirmed share is 9000 yuan, and the income of every 10000 shares on that day is 1.25 yuan. Put it into the calculation formula, your income on that day is 1.13 yuan.

Yu'ebao revenue settlement rules:

The income of yu'ebao is settled every day, and the income of the day before is received at about 15:00 p.m. every day. The part of money you spend or transfer out with yu'ebao has no income on that day.

The balance transferred out to Alipay has limit:

The balance transferred from yu'ebao to the balance received in real time: one million yuan per transaction, one million yuan per day and one million yuan per month.

There are limits on the number and amount of transfers from yu'ebao to bank card:

An account can be transferred out to the bank card at most three times a day. The limit is as follows: 1. Transfer out to the savings card quickly: a single transaction / day accumulatively costs 1 million yuan; 2. Real time withdrawal limit: CITIC (counter signing: up to 10000 yuan / transaction / day; personal online banking signing: up to 5000 yuan / transaction / day (document certificate), 10000 yuan / transaction / day (mobile certificate); personal online banking Uncertificated user initiated signing: up to 200 yuan / transaction / day), Everbright (up to 5000 yuan / transaction / day), Ping An (up to 5000 yuan / day) Yuan / transaction / day), China Merchants Bank (up to 50000 yuan / transaction / day).

Online search and usage of yu'ebao calculator

1. Calculation formula: (yu'ebao confirmed amount / 10000) & times; per 10000 earnings

2. The amount transferred to yu'ebao will be confirmed after one working day and start to enjoy the income; yu'ebao will cash the income every day and the income will be directly included in the account; the confirmed part of the amount will have income on weekends and holidays.

3. Please input the confirmed amount (including the income included in the account).

Calculation time of yu'ebao revenue

To use yu'ebao, we need to have an account of Alipay. You can apply for an account on Alipay's official website and open yu'ebao function.

Yu'ebao is not included in the income on the day of deposit. It takes 15:00 as a time limit, and the amount transferred in after 15:00 every day is counted as the entry amount of the next day, and it also needs a working day to review. Here, it is a working day. Saturday and Sunday holidays are not included.

Let's make a few analogy. If the deposit is made between 15:00 on Friday and 15:00 on Monday next week, the starting charging time is next Wednesday. Since Friday after 15:00 is not counted as Friday deposit, and then the two-day delay calculation, the system will automatically deposit as Monday deposit, and then calculate the income on Tuesday, and the income on Wednesday.

4. If you deposit from 15:00 on Tuesday to 15:00 on Wednesday, because it is already after 15:00 on Tuesday, it will be counted as deposit on Wednesday, income on Thursday and income on Friday. Anyway, we all know that 15:00 is a critical point. After 15:00, it will be the most tomorrow's deposit.

How to view Alipay revenue

Because Alipay is a fund. Every day's earnings are different. How can we view the daily earnings? First, we need to log in to yu'ebao's official website.

There is a surprise every day here. The seven-day annualized yield is simply 6.753% of the annual yield, which is the so-called interest. 100 yuan can be saved into yu'ebao, and 6.753 yuan can be obtained in one year, and 675.3 & hellip; hellip; can be obtained for 1000 yuan in one year;

3. The meaning of every 10000 earnings is also very clear, that is, the earnings of every 10000 yuan per day. Now, yu'ebao's 10000 earnings fluctuate from 1.75 to 1.80, which can be said to be optimistic. I hope it will be more optimistic in the future.

4. The income of yu'ebao belongs to the nature of compound interest, that is, the so-called profit margin, which will add the income of each time to the principal.

Income on the second day = (principal + interest on the first day) * interest rate on the second day

So even if the interest rate is the same, the daily income is different.

5 you can simply calculate it. For example, if you have 52000 yuan, you can use every 10000 earnings to calculate. If every 10000 earnings of the day is 1.805, it is: 5.2 * 1.805 = 9.386 yuan. It's OK to make a rough estimate. The income is no less than ten.