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Recommended places for honeymoon travel in China

Many newlyweds want their honeymoon and their partners to have a good holiday. Actually, honeymoon doesn't have to go abroad. There are many places suitable for honeymoon in China. Here are some places that are very suitable for honeymoon. Let's have a look.

The best place for honeymoon: Yalong Bay in Sanya

This is the harbor where the hearts of the two people stay

Lovers will always say something about the dead sea and the rotten rocks. During the honeymoon, Yalong Bay Beach in Sanya is a good place. It's the real 'end of the earth'. It's the harbor where the two souls stop.

Here, the sea is the most beautiful and the sky is the bluest. You can enjoy the boundless beauty of coconut forest and water blue sand depression while enjoying the rich tropical fruits. Love, naked and hot, is like the passion of tropical climate, and the sea, with an infinite and inclusive mind, gives people speechless feelings.

Of course, you can also experience the happiness of diving together. You can swim in the underwater world of coral reefs like a fish, and say love to another fish. The seabed here is quiet.

The best place for honeymoon

Lhasa Baguo street is the nearest place to heaven, experiencing the mysterious religious atmosphere of the snow plain

Come to bakuo street for your honeymoon. Feel the mysterious religious atmosphere in the snow field near heaven. Love, here becomes a fate to accept God's will. Come to the Jokhang Temple in bakuo street, walk along zhuanjingdao with the Tibetans, make a wish in front of the Buddha, and light a long light for love. In the moment of lightning, the people who hand in hand at this moment, firmly believe in life. Here, you can go to bakuo street, the roof of Jokhang Temple to bask in the sun, and the famous Maggie AMI bar to sit, which are all good choices. Of course, having time to pay a visit to the holy lake and mountain is the eternal romance of the whole life.

When people meet here, they will always say zaxidler (auspicious and auspicious in Tibetan). Love is always bathed in blessings here.

The most suitable place for honeymoon: Lijiang, Yunnan

Lijiang, Yunnan is the only fairyland left by God in the world

Go to Lijiang. Lijiang is the only fairyland left by God in the world. The ancient city of Lijiang, with a history of more than 800 years, is one of the world cultural heritages. In legends, allusions and cultures, what a magnificent thing it is to push sincere and mature love to the climax!

Lijiang's streets are full of tourists from all over the world during the day. There are a variety of ethnic products. You will never be tired of such a lyrical walk. Find a private post station to stay for a long time, calm and in-depth, and enjoy the best honeymoon with the attitude and speed of coffee.

If there is no water in the honeymoon, the scenery will be ruined, and the beauty of Lijiang, the soul will be in the spring. Yulong Snow Mountain in the northwest corner of the ancient city, with an altitude of more than 5000 meters, is covered with snow all the year round. Snow wakes up as water because of spring, and then flows into the ancient city in three streams of water. At night, the soft light dances on the water, all kinds of lanterns and dreamy eyes. It's a luxurious night, but you can feel the sanctity and serenity. It's a wonderful move and excitement. A couple of lovers in Chengbi River gently put the lotus lamp (wishing lamp) loaded with good wishes into the river. With the flow of water, the heart fluctuates a little, but the lamp sways in the posture & hellip & hellip; passionate honeymoon. Only in the ancient city of Lijiang can such a display be made.

The best place for honeymoon

Add something to the white honeymoon memory

Love must be warmer than bed. Come to Yabuli to play with snow in winter. The bright ice lamp in the ice and snow world makes the cold beautiful and holy. Sprinkle some wild on the snow, push me and throw a somersault, and add some materials to the white honeymoon memory. The joy of winter is the joy of attack, the joy of mutual cooperation between hands, the magnificent sight of the northern scenery, which people buried in the days of dog and chicken will never experience.

Yabuli is the best natural ski resort in China. You can't be as vigorous as the players when you tie up the skis, but after a few falls, you will be inspired and skilled. Love, should be in the wrestling ahead.

The best place for honeymoon: five ancient city Dali

The combination of Chinese and western romance will make people forget the outside world temporarily

Which place, can be romantic and romantic? Ancient Dali. Xiaguanfeng, shangguanhua, Cangshan snow and Erhai moon are all famous Dali landscapes. This is also the place where the movie "five golden flowers" is sung. Bai ethnic minority customs and unique dishes can make your honeymoon trip unforgettable. In the daytime, you can go up the mountain and down the sea. At night, you can eat Western food and drink a little wine in the famous bar street. The romance of Chinese and Western will make you forget the outside world temporarily.

So many backpackers and petty bourgeois players rush to Dali. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people and the mountain and water are all factors of seeking pleasure. Maybe marriage is destined to start the ordeal of worldly labor. Here, she is just your 'Lover'. Besides indulging in the wind, flowers and snow, do you need anything else?

How to prepare for honeymoon travel strategy

1. Determine the honeymoon route

When new people are preparing for their honeymoon, it's best to first determine the most appropriate route according to each other's holidays, so as not to miss the beautiful scenery in the honeymoon, but also to relax and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the honeymoon. If the economy and holidays allow, it's also a good choice to experience another romance abroad

2. Choose honeymoon

Honeymoon travel is generally divided into two ways: self-help travel and following tour group. If you like to pursue new people who feel free, you'd better choose self-help travel to enjoy the romantic time of two people. If you feel troubled, you'd better choose group travel to save yourself a lot of things about travel.

3. Budget for honeymoon Tourism

When new people choose honeymoon, they'd better make necessary budget in advance. New people had better choose a suitable honeymoon according to the budget, so that there will be no budget shortage, resulting in regret during honeymoon.

How much is honeymoon

The cost of honeymoon is generally composed of air tickets, accommodation and shopping. At the same time, the price of honeymoon at home and abroad is also very different. If you choose to go to Bali for honeymoon abroad, the cost of air tickets is about 3000 yuan per person, and the cost of accommodation is 1000 yuan left and right, and then you need to buy some of your own pleasant and special products there, which is about 1 yuan About ten thousand yuan, and then go to some famous tourist attractions, which will cost twenty thousand yuan; if you spend honeymoon in domestic famous scenic spots, it's cheaper than that in foreign countries, so you can save air tickets and accommodation. If you go with a group, you can get more discounts. If you spend about eight thousand yuan in domestic honeymoon, you can have a romantic honeymoon Month.