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What does hot update mean? Why does Apple prohibit hot update?

What does hot update mean? Why does Apple prohibit hot update? Recently, apple officially announced that it will be off the shelf in the app store for hot update applications, which has aroused widespread hot debate. It is reported that many commonly used software in China belong to the hot update category. In the eyes of netizens, another battle between apple and Tencent is about to start, so many netizens don't know what is hot update. Let's take a look at it together! What is hot update,

Generally speaking, hot update means that some modules and pages in the application are written in H5 JS. Just like web pages, the codes are all on the server. To update, you only need to change the codes on the server. Do you need to update the browser to change the pages? Of course not! So hot update means that you have not updated the application pages, but changed them, such as Taobao Jingdong Shuang 11. There is also the latest 618. It's clear that you haven't updated it. On the day of the event, the page has changed a lot. There are many colorful eggs, QQ wechat, Ctrip and today's headlines. You can change the content of the homepage at any time. IOS has many hot update databases, such as:

Jspatch is an open source library on the IOS platform, which only needs to access three tiny engine files, that is, any OC method can be called and replaced with JS, that is, any OC method can be modified in real time by issuing JS script after the app goes online, so as to achieve the purpose of bug repair or dynamic operation. At present, jspatch has been widely used in hotfix, and more than 2500 apps have been accessed.

Although most of jspatch is currently only used for hot repair, because jspatch can call any OC method, in fact, it can also do hot update work, that is, dynamically add functional modules for app, and update these functional modules in real time, which can play the same role as react native.

Why hot update?

The first is to avoid customer boredom. If an application updates you for three days or two, you may uninstall it. Small problems will be solved by hot update. The problem that hot update can't solve is to push the update to let customers update, which greatly reduces the update frequency and improves user experience.

Then it should be updated urgently, for example, to fix bugs in an emergency, launch an activity, and the update needs to be audited. The audit takes one to two weeks. If the audit fails, it needs to be re modified and re audited. The risk is too high, so it's more convenient to directly hot update.

Why does Apple prohibit hot update

When Apple reviews application content, only when it is released and updated. If it does not limit hot updates, it may go through several hot updates, and the application content becomes completely different from the content reviewed when it is released. What to do if there is yellow content, what to do if there is violent content, what to do if there is fraud information or if it publishes content that is not conducive to the government's beating and being asked to drink tea. Apple banned hot updates to control app content