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Six tips of black eye panda eye

Six tips of black eye panda eye

Sihaiwang: long term sleep deficiency, excessive fatigue, hepatobiliary disease, deficiency of Qi and blood, endocrine disorders, local varicose veins, trauma and makeup may lead to the formation or aggravation of dark circles. So how should we get rid of the dark circles in our daily life? Today, I'd like to share with you some quick ways to eliminate the dark circles.

1. Apply hot towel to eyes. This method is one of my most commonly used methods. If you see that your eyes are particularly heavy with black circles every morning, you can use a hot towel to apply your eyes. It will take about ten minutes, and the black circles will be relieved obviously. This time you can make up again.

2. Apply cucumber slices to the eyes. At ordinary times, it's best to keep a few cucumbers at home, which can be used for cooking or beauty. The most important thing is that cucumbers can relieve our dark circles. After cleaning and slicing cucumbers, it's recommended that you cut them thinly, which will be more suitable. When you stick them to your eyes or face, they won't fall off easily.

3. Massage the eyes. After getting up in the morning, we can massage the eyes first. The massage habit depends on you. Whether you have dark circles or not, it's very good to massage the eyes in the morning. You can do it in 5 minutes. When you look in the mirror again, you will see obvious changes. The dark circles will not be so heavy.

4. Apply potato chips to the eyes. Potatoes are also very good food for removing dark circles. First, peel the potatoes and slice them after they are cleaned. Here, you also need to cut them thinly, because the thinness you cut will fit your eyes better, the absorption of your eyes will be good, and the dark circles will be relieved. It should be noted that which kind of fresh potato without sprouting should be selected for potato selection.

5. Apply apple slices to the eyes. Apple is the king of fruit, because apple contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that our human body needs. It can also be used to deal with black circles, clean apple slices, cut them and put them on the eyes, about 10 minutes later. Here we need to remind you that the slices should not be too thick or too thin.

6. Apply yoghurt to eyes. Yogurt is also a very good way to find some medical cotton, take a proper amount of cotton and put it into the rest of the yogurt you drink. When all the medical cotton is soaked, take it out, put it on your eye bag and black eye socket, and keep it for ten minutes. Take off the medical cotton, and you can find that the black eye socket has obvious improvement.