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What's wrong with Mercedes Benz's cruise control? How does Mercedes Benz's cruise control fail

Original title: Mercedes Benz cruise failure gallop 100 kilometers / traffic police talk about rescue process

Mr. Xue, the owner of Jiaozuo in Henan Province, drove a Mercedes Benz 200L car and started cruising at a fixed speed on Lianhuo expressway. Later, he found that the car was out of control and could only continue to run at a speed of 120 km / h.

The police of Sanmenxia high-speed traffic police detachment rushed out to clear out three lanes at the toll station at the junction of Henan and Shaanxi to ensure the safe passage of Mercedes Benz and avoid a tragedy. At present, the police are still investigating the matter.

Mercedes Benz car driven by Mr. Xue (video screenshot)

Emergency situation

A breakdown in cruise control

According to media reports, at about 20:00 on March 14, Mr. Xue from Jiaozuo, Henan Province, drove a Benz c200l car in Henan Province to Chengdu along the Lianyungang Huozhou Expressway from east to west to attend the national order meeting.

At that time, he drove alone from Luoyang section of Lianhuo Expressway to the expressway, and then started the constant speed cruising mode with a speed of 120 km / h.

After passing Sanmenxia east station, Mr. Xue felt that the road condition was normal and he needed to switch to manual driving. However, he found an emergency situation: the brake and gear systems could not operate normally. At this time, the car was still running at a constant speed and kept at 120 km / h, unable to switch. Just bought more than a month of car problems, let him at a loss.

This means that as long as there are any obstacles ahead, he will face the test of life and death. During driving, Mr. Xue called Mercedes Benz for after-sales consultation and operated according to various solutions provided. He failed many times & hellip & hellip; at 21:35 p.m. in despair, he called 110 for help. Lingbao City Public Security Bureau 110 received the police, quickly informed the police situation to Sanmenxia high-speed traffic police. Zhang Jianyong and Zhang Jingbo, police officers of the second brigade of Sanmenxia high speed traffic police, received the police information. According to the instructions of the team leader Yang Hongwei, they immediately drove the police car and sounded the siren, biting the 'problem Benz' all the way.

In the phone call, the police further appeased Mr. Xue to stabilize his mood, keep calm and take emergency measures in time.

About traffic police

The high speed toll station in Henan Shaanxi Province

The runaway Mercedes is still racing. The provincial toll station at the junction of Henan and Shaanxi Lianhuo expressway has become a problem for everyone. If it is not completely unobstructed here, it will not be able to let the galloping Benz pass smoothly.

In an interview with the Legal Evening News middot, general officer Kepeng of Sanmenxia branch of Henan high speed traffic police said that from the beginning of this morning, he had received numerous calls, and many media expressed concern about the gallop on the high speed after the cruise failure of Mercedes Benz.

Peng said that there have been many cars at the junction of Shaanxi and Henan high-speed toll stations. Every day, many cars line up here to pay for fees. If they don't vacate the lane in time, there may be a tragedy of car damage and death here. "The speed of 120 km / h cannot be reduced, so the channel must be opened. "Officer Peng said that the lane of the toll station is not as wide as the expressway. Mr. Xue needs to drive at 120 km / h. This is a test for anyone. Henan high speed traffic police cleared three lanes of the toll station quickly, and ensured that the central square of the provincial border station was unobstructed. At the same time, Henan high-speed traffic police communicate with Shaanxi high-speed traffic police, opening all the lanes into Shaanxi.

Less than one minute after everything was ready, at 22:25 that night, according to the guidance of the high-speed traffic police, Mr. Xue drove a Mercedes Benz car from the etc channel of Henan Shaanxi border toll station to pass through the provincial border station without obstacles and left Henan. Fortunately, after running 100 kilometers, Mercedes Benz finally stopped in Shaanxi.

According to an interview with Beijing time, Mr. Xue, the owner of the car, said that he succeeded in slowing down and braking by opening and closing the door, rather than the previously reported "remote parking by manufacturers".

The cause of the car owner's failure in buying a car for a short time remains to be investigated

According to Peng, the driver, Mr. Xue, drives along Lianhuo Expressway from east to west, with the maximum speed limit of 120 km in Luoyang section, while in Sanmenxia area, the speed limit is generally 100 km due to the large number of hills. Mr. Xue has been speeding since his car broke down.

"It is not clear whether it is the cause of the car or the owner's operation. Further investigation is needed. "Officer Peng said that after communication, it was learned that the car owners didn't buy for a long time. As for the reason why the "cruise control" fails, the specific reason of this matter must be known after the car owner comes back from Sichuan and understands clearly.

Mercedes Benz response: at present, it does not have the technology to intervene the vehicle in the background

On the evening of the 16th, Mercedes Benz responded to the incident of "runaway cruising of Mercedes Benz for 100 kilometers".

Beijing Mercedes Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. issued the statement on the media reports related to Mr. Xue's constant speed cruising. According to the media reports, Mercedes Benz attached great importance to Mr. Xue's driving experience in the night of March 14, 2018. It contacted Mr. Xue at the first time and arranged professionals to go to the scene to learn about the situation. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz immediately established an expert technical team Investigate the situation described.

According to Mercedes, the company does not currently have the technology to intervene in vehicles in the background. Mercedes Benz vehicles have multiple safety systems to ensure that the driver can still enter the brake operation in extreme cases. In view of the situation in the report, we have had friendly communication with Mr. Xue and hope to obtain his consent for professional inspection of relevant vehicles as soon as possible.