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Why are 178cm boys more popular? Why do girls care more about the height of boys

Why are 178cm boys more popular? Why do girls care more about the height of boys I thought that the taller the boys were, the more girls would like it. According to the survey, 178 is the height that girls like most. 182 or the boys who lost to 178178 give people a sense of greatness and not much higher than themselves. Walking on the street is also quite a match. If you don't engage in basketball and other professions that have special requirements for height, boys 175-182 are good. The best height is 178. It looks tall when walking with boys who don't arrive at 1.7 meters, and smart when walking with big men who are more than 1.8 meters. It's also convenient to find a girlfriend. 178, you deserve it!

Why is height 178 most popular for boys

Because there is a gap between the standard height of boys in the north and the south, the average height is 178. Moreover, we need to consider the height of girls a little. If the height of girls in China is generally 140cm, the standard height of boys may be 160cm. Because the height of Chinese women is generally not high, the average height is only about 163, and the difference between them is about 15 cm, which seems to be more harmonious. The height difference between men and women is 10 cm. Few Chinese girls are more than 170. This standard is relative to women.

Why do girls care more about the height of boys;

1. Boys higher than themselves have a sense of security

Many girls lack the sense of security and leave their father. They hope to find the feeling of being loved and father's love in the other half. Father in their hearts is a tall image, so girls like to find some tall. And tall people look strong and can give a sense of protection.

2. Change next generation genes

Some girls think they are shorter for the sake of the next generation. So I don't want my kids to be short. They want to find a higher male ticket, so that the children out of the gene is good.