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Which parts can be exercised by spinning? Which people are suitable for spinning

Which parts can be exercised by spinning? Which people are suitable for spinning

Sihaiwang: the main purpose of cycling is to exercise the lower body, so in the whole exercise process, we must let the muscles of the waist and buttocks and the thighs work at the same time, which is the right way to exercise, so that we can ride thin thighs. According to the senior coach of cycling, the effect of cycling is especially obvious for girls. Pay attention to mastering the right posture of hip force, which can also raise hips while reducing legs. So what parts of our body can be exercised by spinning? What kind of people are more suitable for the sport?

What parts can be exercised by cycling

I. traditional 360 degree circular pedals

Pedaling method: when the 'function switch knob' of the bicycle is set to the normal position, it is the same to ride ordinary bicycle in peacetime.

Exercise position: quadriceps femoris and gluteus maximus in front of thigh.

Note: when riding, women should pay attention not to buckle their legs inward, which is easy to cause muscular development on the outside of the thigh, resulting in X-shaped legs.

2. Parallel 360 degree circular pedaling with both feet at the same time

Pedaling method: when the bicycle's function change knob is set to multi, start multi-function pedaling. Keep your feet in the same direction and do a circular kick at the same time.

Exercise position: twine muscle and abdominal muscle at the back of thigh.

Note: this kind of pedaling method is similar to the usual sitting posture and leg lifting, which can achieve the training of the abdomen, and the training effect is more significant for the slapping rope muscles that can not be exercised by ordinary bicycles.

3. Up and down pedaling with both feet at the same time

Pedaling method: it's the same for both feet to advance and retreat, but only for the upper and lower half of the first 180 degrees.

Exercise site: abdomen.

Note: there is no circulation of the second half circle, so it reduces a lot of inertia, mainly relying on the abdominal muscles, so the training of the abdominal muscles is more significant, and it can buffer the stimulation of the knee joint.

The right people to ride a spinning bike

Spinning originated in the United States, which has a strong American flavor, is full of vitality and enthusiasm, so it is popular among people aged 25-35. However, there is no age limit for this sport in foreign countries, because its scientific design ensures the safety of participants, and the intensity of the sport is completely controllable, which is suitable for all people with sports ability. However, it is recommended that people with knee injury do not participate in this sport, because during the whole riding process, the friction of knee joint is very large, coupled with high-intensity pressure, it is easy to form potential injury, which will be gradually reflected in the later exercise process. Heart disease and high blood pressure patients are also best not to participate in, in order to avoid the risk of high-intensity training.