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Do you know the difference between hand brake, foot brake and electronic brake now there are many kinds of parking brake in the market. Electronic, pedal, pull rod, these are commonly known as handbrake. Traditional handbrake is the most common. In addition, there are foot brake and electronic handbrake. Today I will tell you the difference between them.

I. traditional handbrake

Traditional handbrake and mechanical handbrake are the parking brake that we will see in most models. The handbrake is generally located in the drooping position of the driver's right hand, which is convenient for use. Its function is to stabilize the vehicle after the vehicle stops stably, so as to avoid accidents caused by vehicle sliding when the vehicle is on the slope road or stops. Men usually like to play with the handbrake, so the traditional handbrake is very popular with men. Some models of handbrake are designed according to the aircraft operating lever.

II. Foot brake

Foot controlled parking brake, as the name implies, is a foot operated parking brake, which we usually call "foot brake", which is commonly seen in automatic transmission vehicles. In fact, it is also a kind of handbrake, but in a different way, for many women drivers with small strength, the foot brake is very suitable for them. However, it should also be noted that the foot brake should not be pressed too hard and the time should not be too long, otherwise the brake cable will be broken. Some lovely female drivers often use the way of kicking instead of stepping in order to park more stably.

III. electronic parking

As soon as we look at the name, we can know that electronic parking is more advanced, advanced to advanced. Its working principle is no different from that of traditional handbrake, which controls the parking brake through the friction generated by the brake disc and the brake pad. The difference is that electronic parking operates the hand brake function by pressing the key, replacing the mechanical control with electronic control. The biggest advantage of electronic hand brake is that it is beautiful and convenient and saves space, but its maintenance and replacement are not convenient, and people who do not pay attention to the driving experience are waiting for it because of the hand feeling problem.