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What is the score line of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination retest? When will the result of ret

On March 16, the Ministry of Education announced the national score line for postgraduate entrance examination in 2018, and this year's national postgraduate entrance examination will begin. What's the national score line for postgraduate entrance examination in 2018? What's the website for national line query? Let's have a look at these contents!

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Ensure the scientific, standard, fair and just enrollment

The Ministry of education has previously printed and issued the national regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in 2018, which makes a comprehensive arrangement for the secondary examination, adjustment, admission, information publicity and illegal handling of postgraduate enrollment in 2018. It requires the recruitment unit to adhere to the principle of "recruit students on demand, overall balance, select the best, prefer the lack to the abuse", so as to ensure the scientific, standard, fair and just enrollment.

Do a good job in the work of re examination adjustment and admission

In order to give full play to the advantages of the adjustment system, improve the service quality of the adjustment work, and better meet the multiple voluntary choices of candidates, the Ministry of Education recently issued the notice of the general office of the Ministry of education on doing a good job in the adjustment of postgraduate enrollment, which put forward suggestions for the enrollment units to further improve the adjustment work style, standardize the adjustment work procedures, improve the adjustment work efficiency, and strengthen the adjustment work supervision Clear requirements. At the same time, the "national postgraduate enrollment adjustment service system" has been upgraded and optimized.

First, starting from the convenience of examinees, shorten the time for examinees to adjust their volunteer lock-in. Instead of the original 48 hours, it is set by each enrollment unit independently, with a maximum time of no more than 36 hours, so as to reduce the waiting time of examinees.

The second is to improve the effective connection between supply and demand, accurately release the adjustment requirements, and allow the enrollment unit to set the initial test score requirements for receiving candidates' adjustment according to the method of receiving adjustment of the unit, so as to avoid candidates' blind application.

The third is to strengthen the examinee service and increase the examinee's online message function. The enrollment unit can reply the hot common problems in the process of adjustment in a centralized and unified way. At the same time, it will also answer the examinee's consultation in time by adding a consultation telephone and arranging a special person on duty to ensure smooth information communication.

From March 23 to April 30, China graduate enrollment information network (public website:, education website: will open the "national postgraduate enrollment and adjustment service system". At that time, candidates who meet the conditions and are willing to adjust can get online to know the adjustment information and the use method of the adjustment system in time, and apply for adjustment as required.