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Easy to get on fire in spring

Easy to get on fire in spring in spring, everything recovers, Yang Qi rises, together with little rain and dry weather, all of which will lead to the increase of internal heat and eventually the symptoms of fire. There are many types of fire, so it is necessary to distinguish symptoms to eat fire food in spring, so what should I eat when I want to use diet therapy to deal with the symptoms of fire? In fact, there are several types of fire, different types of fire have different methods of food therapy and suitable food. Come and have a look.

1. Get rid of stomach heat: mung bean congee

Symptoms of stomach fire: the whole tongue is red when the stomach is hot. Sometimes the tongue is red and yellow, and yellow will cover the red, which needs special attention. Those who have a strong stomach fire usually show symptoms of stomachache, bad breath and bitter breath, and they always want to drink water, especially cold water.

Method: mung bean, japonica rice, gypsum powder, crystal sugar. Put gypsum powder into the pot together, then add some water to boil it, filter out the dregs, add japonica rice and mung bean into the remaining water, cook porridge together and take it, and add some ice sugar before starting the pot.

2. Remove lung fire: pig liver soup

Symptoms of vigorous lung fire: the reddening part is in the first half of the tongue, accompanied by cough, nasal trunk, dry mouth, dry throat, etc., which generally belongs to lung fire. In addition, because of the appearance of the lung and large intestine, many patients with lung fever have poor bowel movement.

Method: wash the pork liver, cut it into pieces, put it into a bowl, add a little cooking wine, salt and water, mix and marinate for a while; wash the spinach, scald it in a boiling pot, take it out and cut it into small pieces. Then, put the pot on the high fire, add vegetable oil and heat it up, add chopped green onion and ginger to make it fragrant, add 100g of water, boil it, then put the liver slices in the bowl together with water into the pot, boil it, and then skim the froth. Then, put in spinach and salt. When the pot is boiling, you can put out spinach first, then boil it twice, and then pour it into the bowl.

3. Heartburn removing: lotus seed soup

Symptoms of heartburn: the manifestations of heartburn are mainly red tongue, dry mouth, irritability, sore mouth and tongue, poor sleep, yellow urine, dry stool and other symptoms.

Method: first of all, soak the lotus seeds in clear water, remove clothes and heart, put them in a big bowl, then submerge them in water, and then put them on the drawer, and steam them for about 1 hour. Until the lotus seeds are rotten, they can come out of the cage. Then, take another pot, fill a large bowl with water, add sugar and steamed lotus seeds, and cook on the fire, stirring while cooking, until boiling, and cool.

4. Remove kidney fire: Chinese wolfberry pork loin

Symptoms of vigorous kidney fire: hot, night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, waist and spine tenderness, five heart fidgety.

Method: pork loin 2, wolfberry fruit, Cornus meat 15 grams each. Put pork loin, wolfberry and Cornus meat into a casserole and cook until pork loin is cooked. Eat pork loin and drink soup.

5. Remove liver heat: pear water

Symptoms of exuberant liver fire: if not only dry mouth, bitter mouth, red eyes, etc., it belongs to the performance of exuberant liver fire. When there is liver fire, the tongue will turn red, but the red on both sides is more obvious. The main symptoms are red eyes, irritability, headache, hypochondriac pain, stomachache, hematemesis, hemoptysis, pulse string number and so on.

Method: Chuanbeimu 10g, 2 pears, proper amount of crystal sugar. Mash Fritillaria sichuanensis into powder, peel and cut pears into pieces, add some ice sugar, and stew with water.