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4 in the morning, 5 in the evening

4 in the morning, 5 in the evening many people have no spirit. No matter learning well or working, they are always short of energy. At this time, whether you go to school or work, there is little receipt. So how can you make yourself energetic? Remember the following nine tips. Four in the morning, five in the evening. Make sure we are full of energy and healthy every day.

In the morning, you need to meet the following four requirements:;

1. Brush your teeth: brushing is an important way to clean your mouth. It can protect your teeth. Brushing your teeth in the morning is an important thing. It can remove the bacteria in your mouth. There are many bacteria in the teeth, which will cause caries. Even if you brush your teeth before going to sleep the night before, there will still be bacteria in the night. These bacteria will cause halitosis if they are light, and will cause teeth to fall off if they are serious. To know that there are a lot of calcium in teeth, teeth fall off, sometimes, it also indicates bone loss, osteoporosis is not an exaggeration. It can be seen in the morning to develop a good habit of brushing teeth is an important thing.

2. Comb your hair: combing your hair is an important thing. Not only can you get rid of the dirty things on your hair and keep your personal image, but also you can keep your body healthy by combing your hair. In the process of combing the hair, it can dredge the head Qi and blood, prevent the hair from white hair and hair loss due to the lack of Qi and blood, and eliminate the head swelling caused by excessive use of the brain. Combing the hair can also promote the blood circulation of the head, which has a certain effect on unblocking blood vessels and eliminating wind and dampness. It should be noted that when combing the hair, it is better to use wood comb, which has a protective effect on the hair.

3. Have breakfast: it is important to have breakfast. It can protect the body, provide body energy, supplement body energy demand and maintain blood sugar balance. Eating breakfast can also protect the stomach and intestines, avoid gastritis, gallstones and other digestive diseases, which is very helpful for health care. Breakfast is best to focus on grains and dairy products, which are easy to digest and absorb. In addition, do not eat too greasy food in the morning, which will affect digestion.

4. Exercise: the air in the morning is fresh, suitable for exercise and can adjust the body. In terms of running, it is an aerobic exercise, which can exercise the heart muscle and enhance the vital capacity. The intensity of morning exercise should not be too strong, it should be moderate, the amount of exercise is too large, it will make the body unable to bear. In addition, before exercise, appropriate intake of food to avoid excessive energy consumption in the process of exercise, resulting in unnecessary injury.

5 p.m. no

1. Don't drink water: usually, don't drink water one hour before going to bed. Drinking water at this time will increase the burden on the heart and cause swelling of the body, especially the eyes. The next day when you get up, panda eyes will be formed. If you drink too much water before you go to sleep, it will affect your bladder, increase the number of nights, affect your sleep, and affect your working state the next day. I feel thirsty before I go to sleep. I can drink a glass of milk, which can replenish water, help me fall asleep, and protect my health.

2. Don't stay up late: there are many people who don't go to bed on time at night. Staying up late has become the norm. Staying up late for a long time is very harmful to health. First of all, staying up late will cause gastrointestinal diseases, affect gastrointestinal rest, and lead to duodenal ulcer, dyspepsia, gastric ulcer and other diseases. Secondly, staying up late will induce cardiovascular disease, make people in a state of tension, abnormal vasoconstriction, easy to induce hypertension. Third, staying up late will damage the skin, affect the endocrine metabolism, cause the skin water loss aggravation, prone to wrinkles, the skin becomes dark yellow, acne is also a common thing. In the end, staying up late will hurt the eyes, which will cause vision dysfunction if used overload. It can be seen that staying up late often is harmful to health.

3. Don't exercise violently: many people don't have time to exercise in the daytime, and they will choose to exercise in the evening. In life, they will see more and more 'night runners'. Don't do strenuous exercise before going to bed. Strenuous exercise will cause people to be in a state of excitement. If the nerves are too excited, it will affect sleep. You can exercise in the evening, but you need to exercise less. Walking and jogging are good choices.

4. Don't smoke: many people will smoke when they stay up late to work. Smoking at night will have a certain impact on sleep and cause sympathetic nerve problems. Harmful substances in cigarettes will stimulate the respiratory tract, cause bronchial obstruction, cause bronchitis, chronic airway obstruction, etc. Smoking at night will also increase the viscosity of the blood, reduce the oxygen content of the blood, and cause insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. When sleeping, there are many dreams, light sleep and other situations.

5. Don't play with mobile phones: playing with mobile phones before going to bed has become the norm, but it is harmful to the body. First of all, playing mobile phone before going to bed will cause the light of mobile phone to fatigue the eye muscles, affect the focusing ability, and lead to blurred vision. Lying on the side of the bed playing mobile phones will also cause great pressure on the eyes, making the eyes lack of blood supply, a sense of expansion. Playing mobile phone before going to bed will hurt the skin, and the radiation of mobile phone will cause damage to the skin. Finally, playing with mobile phones before going to bed will affect normal sleep. Mobile phones also have an impact on nerves, causing functional disorders and affecting the biological clock.