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What is tsutsugamushi after being bitten by tsugamushi? What to do after being bitten by tsutsugamus

Killed by tsutsugamushi. Seemingly insignificant insects may die if bitten. So what is tsutsugamushi disease? How to deal with it in the first time after being bitten by tsugamushi? What are the symptoms of tsugamushi after being bitten?

One week after another, the four month old Fuqing baby girl had a high fever and ran around many hospitals, but couldn't find out the cause. On June 17, her heart failure was critically ill and she was rushed to the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital. Doctors found a black scab with the size of soybean on her right leg, which was found to be tsutsugamushi disease. The baby girl has caused coagulation dysfunction, heart failure, pneumonia and other complications, only half a month after the rescue from life-threatening, still in hospital treatment.

Doctors remind that after summer, the weather is hot and humid, and tsutsugamushi disease has entered a high incidence period. This disease has a long incubation period and symptoms like a cold. It is easy to be misdiagnosed and may die seriously. When people go out, they should sit and lie on the grass less often.

Wang Shibiao reminded that the biggest difference between the disease and the cold is that there are eschar and ulcer, but the parts are relatively hidden. The infected Chigger Mites like to bite the wet, smelly and oppressed parts of the human body, such as armpit, external genitalia, groin, perineum, perianal area and back of the waist. The patients generally don't think that these eschar are related to fever, and some don't want to let the doctor see their private places and hide it. For this reason, if the public has ever visited the grassland or the water side and has cold symptoms, and the fever continues to be high, they should carefully observe whether the surrounding lymph nodes are swollen, and whether there are black eschar in the hidden, moist and soft places such as armpit, groin and waist. If they find the above situation, they should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

"The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. "Wang Shibiao said that not everyone who is bitten by Chigger mite will get sick. There are two conditions for the disease: one is that there is Rickettsia tsugamushi (a microbe) in the Chigger mite that bites the human body; the other is that the resistance of the person who is bitten is weak. This time, Xiaoling's platelets were seriously reduced, and her gums were bleeding. Fortunately, she had no bleeding manifestations such as brain and digestive tract. Azithromycin, chloramphenicol and other drugs had special effects on tsutsugamushi disease, so she escaped a disaster.

He suggested that in hot and humid weather, weeds, rodents and Chigger mite breeding areas around the home should be eradicated; when going out, avoid sitting on the grass and drying clothes and quilts on the grass. When working in the field, wear long sleeves, trousers, etc., and smear insect repellent water or dew on the exposed skin. Take a bath as soon as possible after you go home and change all your clothes.