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Will cheating in college entrance examination be punished? How many years is the maximum sentence fo

It's another year of college entrance examination season. For those who don't study hard at ordinary times, if they want to get high scores by cheating, they should give up the idea as soon as possible. Cheating in college entrance examination should be sentenced! Cheating in laws and regulations should be punished to improve their deterrence, so they should take the exam seriously, and don't think about it!

According to the newly revised Measures for the handling of national educational examination violations in 2012, "cheating in examinations is serious" including the following situations: organizing gangs to cheat; sending and transmitting examination information outside the examination room; using relevant equipment to receive information to cheat; forging and altering ID cards, examination permits and other supporting materials, and substituting or substituting examinees for examinees.

After the implementation of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China (Amendment 9), you need to consider whether you want to study steadily. In the past, the crime of divulging state secrets was mostly punished for organizational fraud, but the principle of strict legislation was fully reflected in the amendment. After the amendment was issued, according to the number of organizational cheating, the number of cheating, the duration, the amount of illegal profits and the social impact caused by cheating, the maximum penalty is 7 years' imprisonment 。 The scope of organizational cheating includes not only college entrance examination, but also general college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination, civil servant (course) examination, teacher qualification examination and judicial examination.

If you think that only those who cheat and organize cheat will be sentenced, then you are wrong! The criminal law of the people's Republic of China (Amendment 9) provides help for organizing cheat, which is also included in the criminal law. Those who help cheating organizations to produce cheating tools, print propaganda materials, sell or provide test questions and answers for others will be punished according to the circumstances of the crime. Article 25 of the amendment stipulates that 'Whoever organizes cheating in state examinations as prescribed by law shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention and shall also, or shall only, be fined; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined.

In addition to helping the organizers cheat, they will be sentenced, and both the substitute and the substitute will be punished. The substitute examination is punished according to the measures for the handling of national education examination violations and relevant local laws and regulations. The usual way of handling is that the examination result is invalid, the enrollment qualification or student status is cancelled, and if the circumstances are especially serious, the student will be suspended from participating in various national examinations. However, from November 1, 2015, both the substitute and the substituted will constitute an illegal crime and will be punished. And those who are subject to criminal punishment will also suffer the consequences of dismissal from public office or termination of labor contract. In 2015, Jiangxi test stand-by incident caused a sensation in the whole country. Finally, several test stand-by examinees were punished by canceling their scores and suspending their examinations in accordance with the relevant provisions of order No. 33 of the Ministry of education. Since then, it's not only a minor administrative punishment!